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Transcribe the information for each item as it is in the album.

If you supply information that is not on the item please put it in square brackets.

if you can't decipher a word or phrase put in a question mark in square brackets e.g. [?]

At the end of the entry make a note of the type of material e.g. [Photograph], [Newspaper cutting], [Signature]. [Letter]

Breakdown of link:

The enclosing equal signs denoted the Heading level i.e. Heading 3 === link/Page no ===

The link/Page no is enclosed in square brackets [] The content of the link is three components within the single [] square brackets 1. the link copy/pasted from the viewer - In the viewer, navigate to the correct page, click on it, click the link symbol (top right) select and copy the link 2. a space 3. The Page number e.g. Page 1

Record of page completion[edit]

Use this to comment on any issues relating to a page, problems deciphering hand writing etc. but also to sign off a completed page.

Page 1 - started - User:Scotfot - completed

Page 2 - started - User:Scotfot - completed

Page 3 - started

Page 4 - started

Page 5 - started