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Open the wiki page and the Album viewer in adjacent windows

The task is to replace the existing text 'GA001' with the full link to the specific page for the listed item.

A number of entries have already been done to show what is expected. Note that the Page number links are repeated several times - this is because there are frequently multiple images on an album page.

1. Note the next row where you need to place link - note the image descriptioon

2. Go to the correct page in the album that matches the description, centre it in the window, note the page number

3. Click the link button, select and copy the link

4. Go to the wiki page, select GA001 and paste the link e.g.

5. Add enclosing brackets and Page number, insert non-breaking space between the word Page and the actual number e.g. Page 5 (View in edit mode)

.Page 5 (View in Edit mode)

6. The link address will be the same for all the images on the page, so it can be copy/pasted for the entries for the other images on the album page.