Tenuicostata - longicollis Zone

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Definition: From first appearance of Rugia tenuicostata to immediately below first appearance of Terebratulina longicollis (Johansen & Surlyk, 1990). Brachiopod density increases in the top of the zone (Johansen & Surlyk, 1990).

Biostratigraphical correlation: Equates with the bulk of the B. mucronata Zone s.l. of the standard macrofossil zonal scheme, and with the B. mucronata Zone, B. woodi Zone and B. minor I Zone (pars) of Christensen (1995).

Lithostratigraphical correlation: Equates with the Pre-Weybourne Chalk, Weybourne Chalk and Beeston Chalk (Johansen & Surlyk, 1990).