The Kidston Collection and list of genera and species

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From: Crookall, R. 1938. The Kidston Collection of fossil plants, with an account of the life and work of Robert Kidston. Memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. London:HMSO

The Kidston collections[edit]

The Kidston Collection of plant incrustations, one of the finest in the world and probably the best which has ever been accumulated by a single worker, comprises over 7,000 selected fossils and includes many types and figured specimens. Some were obtained by Kidston himself, but the majority were carefully chosen from those collected by the numerous workers in Great Britain over half a century, while a few, received from abroad, are valuable for comparative purposes. The collection, which was bequeathed by Kidston to the Geological Survey, has been carefully housed in the Reserve and Study Gallery of the Geological Survey and Museum. It may be examined there by those interested, loans of specimens are made to approved research workers, and enquiries are welcomed. The collection is arranged with the genera and species in alphabetical order so that any given plant can be found immediately. In addition to a numerical register, prepared by Kidston, a detailed catalogue has been made of the specimens, showing the number in the collection, locality, horizon, collector, references to literature, etc.

The collection of nearly 4,000 photographic negatives made by Kidston in the course of his studies is also preserved in the Geological Survey and Museum. It includes negatives not only of the best fossils in his own collection but also others of important specimens in public Museums and private collections. A catalogue of these negatives has been prepared, and, as some showed signs of deteriorating with age, they have been printed off, mounted and arranged for ready reference.

Kidston's collection of microscope slides, numbering over 3,000, of which some hundreds have been figured, was bequeathed to the Botanical Department of the University of Glasgow. Owing to the terms of the bequest, the slides are not normally allowed outside the Department, though, under special conditions and by special arrangement, they can be sent for inspection to the British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London, S.W.7. A catalogue of these slides has been prepared by Dr. M. Calder and is to be published shortly. Kidston's library of palaeobotanical literature, almost complete to the time of his death, was also bequeathed to the Botanical Department of the University of Glasgow.

Sample images of Carboniferous plants original photographs by Robert Kidston. Image source: GeoScenic.

A sample of the 3600 glass plate photographs taken by Kidston. Robert Kidston's photographic collection of Carboniferous plants on GeoScenic

List of genera and species[edit]


The terms Lower and Upper Carboniferous are here employed in Dr. Kidston's special sense, to mean below or above the plant-break which he established within the Millstone Grit of Scotland. The more usual classification is to start the Upper Carboniferous at the base of the Millstone Grit of the Yorkshire-Lancashire region, a considerably lower level.

Silurian and Downtonian[edit]

Chondrites verisimilis Salter

Glyptodendron eatonensis Claypole

Nematophyton hicksi Etheridge

Pachytheca sphaerica Hooker:


Archaeopteris fimbriata Nathorst

Archaeopteris gaspiensis Dawson

Archaeopteris hibernica Forbes

Archaeopteris jacksoni Dawson

Archaeopteris macilenta Lesquereux

Archaeopteris obtusa Lesquereux

Archaeopteris roemeriana (Goeppert)

Arthrostigma gracile Dawson

Bothrodendron kiltorkense (Haughton)

Calamocladus (Asterophyllites) latifolius (Dawson)

Cardiocarpus cornutus Dawson

Cephalotheca mirabilis Nathorst

Foerstia furcata (Dawson)

Hostimella sp.

Hyenia sphenophylloides Nathorst

Lepidodendron australe M'Coy

Nematophyton caledonianum Lang

Nematophyton forfarense (Kidston)

Nematophyton logani (Dawson)

Pachytheca sp.

Parka decipiens Fleming

Pseudobornia ursina Nathorst

Psilophyton elegans Dawson

Psilophyton princeps Dawson

Psilophyton robustius Dawson

Rhynia gwynne-vaughani Kidston and Lang

Sphenopteridium keilhani Nathorst

Sphenopteris condusorum (Crepin)

Sphenopteris flaccida Crepin

Sporocarpon furcatum Dawson see Foerstia

Sporangites biloba Dawson

Sporangites brazilensis Dawson

Sporangites glabra Dawson

Sporangites huronensis Dawson

Thursophyton milleri (Salter)

Zosterophyllum myretonianum Penhallow:

Lower Carboniferous[edit]

Adiantites antiquus (Ettingshausen)

Adiantites tenuifolius (Goeppert)

Alcicornopteris convoluta Kidston

Alcicornopteris convoluta zeilleri Vaffier

Ancistrophyllum stigmariaeforme Goeppert

Anehnites acadica Dawson

Anehnitesvalida Dawson

Archaeopteridium tschermaki (Stur)

Archaeosigillaria vanuxemi (Goeppert)

Asterocalamites radiatus Brongniart see A. scrobiculatus

Asterocalamites scrobiculatus (Schlotheim)

Bothrodendron depereti Vaffier

Bothrodendron kidstoni Weiss

Bothrodendron wardiense (Kidston MS.) Crookall

Bothrodendron wükianum (Heer)

Bythothrepis acicularis (Goeppert)

Bythothrepis gracilis Hall

Bythothrepis plumosa Kidston

Calamites cistiiformis Stur

Calamites haueri Stur

Calamites ostraviensis Stur ramifer Stur

Calamites roemeri Goeppert

Calamites taitianus Kidston and Jongmans

Calcisphaera sp.

Calymmatotheca affinis Lindley and Hutton) see Sphenopteris bifida (Lindley and Hutton) see Sphenopteris stangeri Stur

Calymmotheca Iarischi Stur

Cardiocarpus bicaudata Kidston see Samaropsis

Cardiocarpus nervosa Kidston see Samaropsis

Cardiopteris frondosa (Goeppert)

Cardiopteris polymorpha (Goeppert)

Carpolithus fragarioides Newberry

Cladoxylon kidstoni Solms-Laubach

Dactylotheca sturi Sterzel see Pecopteris

Diplolabis roemeri Solms-Laubach

Diplopteridium teilianum (Kidston)

Diplotmema adiantoides (Schlotheim)

Diplotmema bermudensiforme (Schlotheim)

Diplotmema dissectum (Brongniart)

Diplotmema patentissimum (Ettingshausen)

Eskdalia minuta (Kidston)

Holcosperma dubium Nathorst

Lagenospermum arberi Nathorst

Lepidodendron acuminatum (Goeppert)

Lepidodendron calamitoides Nathorst

Lepidodendron corrugatum Dawson

Lepidodendron fallax Nathorst

Lepidodendron glincanum Eichwald

Lepidodendron jaschei Roemer

Lepidodendron mirable Nathorst

Lepidodendron nathorsti Kidston

Lepidodendron nordenskioldi Nathorst

Lepidodendron rhodeanumSternberg

Lepidodendron roberti Nathorst

Lepidodendron spetsbergense Nathorst

Lepidodendron veltheimianum Sternberg

Lepidodendron volkmannianum Sternberg

Lepidophloios macrolepidotus Goldenberg

Lepidophloios scoticus Kidston

Lepidostrobus comosus Lindley and Hutton

Lepidostrobus fimbriatus Kidston

Lepidostrobus lanceolatus (Lindley and Hutton)

Lepidostrobus variabilis Lindley and Hutton

Lycopodites (Sigillaria) vanuxemi Goeppert see Archaeosigillaria

Marchantites sp.

Neuropteris antecedens Stur

Ootheca globosa Kidston

Ootheca nordenskioldi Nathorst

Pecopteris sturi Sterzel

Pinnularia sp.

Plumatopteris elegans Kidston

Ptilophyton plumosa Dawson

Rhacopteris dichotoma Kidston

Rhacopteris geikiei Kidston

Rhacopteris inaequilatera (Goeppert)

Rhacopteris lindsaeformis (Bunbary)

Rhacopteris petiolata (Goeppert)

Rhacopteris robusta Kidston

Rhacopteris subcuneata Kidston

Rhacopteris transitionis Heer

Rhodea feistmanteli Kidston

Rhodea gigantea Stur

Rhodea goepperti (Ettingshausen)

Rhodea smithi Kidston

Rhodea tenuis Gothan

Rhyncogonium costatum Heer

Rhyncogonium sulcatum (Lindley and Hutton)

Samaropsis bicaudata (Kidston)

Schuetzia bennieana Kidston

Sigillaria canobiana Kidston

Sigillaria taylori (Carruthers)

Spathulopteris clavigera (Kidston)

Spathulopteris decomposita (Kidston)

Spathulopteris dunsi (Kidston)

Spathulopteris ettingshauseni (Feistmantel)

Spathulopteris obovata (Lindley and Hutton)

Sphenophyllum tenerrimum Stur

Sphenopteridium crassum (Lindley and Hutton)

Sphenopteridium dissectum (Goeppert)

Sphenopteridium kidstoni (Nathorst)

Sphenopteridium macconochiei (Kidston)

Sphenopteridium norbergi Nathorst

Sphenopteridium pachyrrachis (Goeppert)

Sphenopteridium speciosum Kidston

Sphenopteris affinis Lindley and Hutton

Sphenopteris bifida Lindley and Hutton

Sphenopteris clavigera Kidston see Spathulopteris

Sphenopteris cymbiformis Kidston

Sphenopteris decomposita Kidston see Spathulopteris

Sphenopteris dicksonioides (Goeppert)

Sphenopteris dunsi Kidston see Spathulopteris

Sphenopteris elegans Brongniart see Diplotmema adiantoides

Sphenopteris falkenhaini Stur

Sphenopteris flexibilis Heer

Sphenopteris foliolata Stur

Sphenopteris fragilis (Schlotheim)

Sphenopteris kirkbyi Kidston

Sphenopteris macconochiei Kidston see Sphenopteridium mira Kidston

Sphenopteris schimperiana Goeppert

Sphenopteris taitiana Kidston

Sphenopteris teiliana Kidston see Diplopteridium

Staphylopteris peachi Nidston see Sphenopteris affinis

Stigmaria abbreviata Goldenberg

Stigmaria ficoides (Sternberg)

Stigmaria stellata (Goeppert)

Stigmariopsis rimosa (Goeppert)

Stigmariopsis rimosiformis Kidston

Thysanotesta sagittula Nathorst

Zeilleria moravica (Ettingshausen)

Upper Carboniferous[edit]

Acitheca polymorpha (Brongniart)

Adiantites bondi Kidston

Adiantites oblongifolius Goeppert

Adiantites sessilis Potonié

Adiantites tenellus Kidston

Adiantites wardi Kidston

Alethopteris aquilina (Brongniart)

Alethopteris davreuxi (Brongniart)

Alethopteris decurrens (Artis)

Alethopteris evansi Lesquereux

Alethopteris gracillima Boulay

Alethopteris grandifolia Newberry

Alethopteris grandini Kidston (non Brongniart)

Alethopteris lonchitica (Schlotheim)

Alethopteris oblongata (Sternberg)

Alethopteris pontica Zeiller

Alethopteris pseudaquilina Potonié

Alethopteris serli (Brongniart)

Alethopteris valida Boulay

Alloiopteris radstockensis Kidston

Alloiopteris serrula (Lesquereux)

Annularia dubia (Sternberg)

Annularia galioicles (Lindley and Hutton)

Annularia huttoni Lebour

Annularia patens (Sauveur) see A. radiata

Annularia radiata Brongniart

Annularia ramosa Weiss

Annularia sphenophylloides (Zenker)

Annularia spicata (Gutbier)

Annularia stellata (Schlotheim)

Antholithus sp.

Aphlebia acanthoides Zeiller

Aphlebia anomala (Brongniart)

Aphlebia crispa (Gutbier)

Aphlebia filiciformis (Gutbier)

Aphlebia goldenbergi Weiss

Aphlebia linearis (Gutbier)

Aphlebia membranacea Lesquereux

Artisia approximata (Brongniart)

Artisia transversa (A rtis)

Asolanus camptotaenia Wood

Asterophyllites charaeformis (Sternberg)

Asterophyllites dumasi Zeiller

Asterophyllites equisetiformis (Schlotheim)

Asterophyllites gracilis Lesquereux

Asterophyllites grandis (Sternberg)

Asterophyllites jubata (Lindley and Hutton)

Asterophyllites longifolius (Sternberg)

Asterophyllites lycopodioides Zeiller

Asterophyllites striatus Weiss

Asterophyllites tenuis Bunbury

Asterotheca abbreviata (Brongniart)

Asterothecaarborescens (Schlotheim)

Asterothecacandolleana (Brongniart)

Asterothecacrenulata (Brongniart)

Asterothecacyathea (Schlotheim)

Asterothecadaubreei Zeiller

Asterothecahemitelioides (Brongniart)

Asterothecalamuriana (Heer)

Asterothecalepidorachis (Brongniart)

Asterotheca miltoni (Artis)

Asterotheca oreopteridia Kidston (? Schlotheim)

Bothrodendron minutifolium (Boulay)

Bothrodendron punctatum Lindley and Hutton

Boweria minor Kidston

Boweriaschatzlarensis Kidston

Calamites britannicus (Weiss)

Calamites brittsi White (Kidston and Jongmans emend.)

Calamites brongniarti Sternberg

Calamites carinatus Sternberg

Calamites cisti Brongniart

Calamites dictyoderma Kidston and Jongmans

Calamites discifer Weiss

Calamites goepperti Ettingshausen

Calamites jubatus (Lindley and Hutton)

Calamites ohlsbachensis Sterzel

Calamites paleaceus Stur

Calamites pauciramis Weiss see C. discifer

Calamites pseudogermarianus Kidston and Jongmans

Calamites ramosus Artis see C. carinatus

Calamites sachsei Stuy, (pars)

Calamites schuetzei Stur

Calamites schuetzeiformis Kidston and Jongmans

Calamites semicircularis Weiss

Calamites suckowi Brongniart

Calamites undulatus Sternberg

Calamites varians Sternberg

Calamites verticillatus Lindley and Hutton

Calamitina approximata (Brongniart) see Calamites semicircularis

Calamitina verticillata (Lindley and Hutton) see Calamites semicircularis

Calamostachys longifolia Weiss

Calamostachys ludwigi (Carruthers)

Calamostachys nana Weiss

Calamostachys northumbriana (Kidston)

Calamostachys paniculata Weiss

Calamostachys ramosa Weiss

Calamostachys tuberculate (Sternberg)

Calamostachys typica Schimper

Callipteridium sp.

Cardiocarpus acutus Lindley and Hutton see Samaropsis annulatus Newberry

Cardiocarpus cinctus Lesquereux contractus (Sternberg)

Cardiocarpus crassus Lesquereux

Cardiocarpus ellipticus Lesquereux

Cardiocarpus fluitans Dawson see Samaropsis

Cardiocarpus gutbieri Geinitz see Samaropsis

Cardiocarpus latior Lesquereux

Cardiocarpus lindleyi Carruthers

Cardiocarpus marginatus (Artis) see Samaropsis

Cardiocarpus simplex Lesquereux

Cardiocarpus subacutus Grand 'Eury

Carpolithus Carpolithus areolatus (Boulay)

Carpolithus ellipticus Sternberg

Carpolithus granulatus Sternberg

Carpolithus inflatus Lesquereux

Carpolithus membranaceus Goeppert

Carpolithus minimus Sternberg

Carpolithus ovoideus Goeppert and Berger

Carpolithus perpusillus Lesquereux

Carpolithus regularis Sternberg

Carpolithus sphaericus Schenk

Carpolithus wildi Kidston

Caulopteris anglica Kidston

Caulopteris cyclostigma (Lesquereux)

Caulopteris peltigera (Brongniart)

Cingularia typica Weiss

Cordaianthus pitcairniae (Lindley and Hutton)

Cordaianthus subacutus Grand Euvy

Cordaianthus volkmanni (Ettingshausen)

Cordaicarpus congruens Grand 'Eury

Cordaicarpus cordai (Geinitz)

Cordaicarpus crassus (Lesquereux)

Cordaicarpus gutbieri (Geinitz) see Samaropsis

Cordaicarpus lindleyi (Carruthers) see Samaropsis

Cordaicladus approximatus Renault

Cordaites angulosostriatus Kidston (? Grand 'Eury)

Cordaites borassifolius (Sternberg)

Cordaites grandifolius Lesquereux

Cordaites mansfieldi Lesquereux

Cordaites principalis (Germar)

Cordaites robbi Dawson

Cordaites simplex Dawson

Corynepteris coralloides (Gutbier)

Corynepteris erosa Kidston see Alloiopteris radstockensis

Corynepteris sternbergi (Ettingshausen)

Coseleya barkeri Kidston

Crossotheca boulayi Zeiller

Crossotheca communis (Lesquererfx)

Crossotheca crepini Zeiller

Crossotheca fimbriata Kidston see C. schatzlarensis

Crossotheca hoeninghausi Kidston see C. kidstom

Crossotheca hughesiana Kidston

Crossotheca kidstoni Crookall

Crossotheca pinnatifida (Gutbier)

Crossotheca sagittata (Lesquereux)

Crossotheca schatzlarensis (Stur)

Cyclopteris reniformis Brongniart

Cyclopteris trichomanoides Sternberg

Cyclotheca biseriata Kidston

Dactylotheca parallela Kidston

Dactylotheca plumosa (Artis)

Dactylotheca Desmopteris longifolia Presl

Dicksonites pluckeneti (Schlotheim)

Dicranophyllum anglicum Kidston

Dictyopteris muensteri Eichwald see Linopteris

Dictyopteris obliqua Bunbury.

Diplotmema coemansi (Andrae)

Diplotmema crepini Stur

Diplotmema duponti Stur

Diplotmema furcatum (Brongniart)

Diplotmema geniculatum (Gernzar and Kaulfuss)

Diplotmema intermedium (Ettingshausen)

Diplotmema schatzlarense Stur

Diplotmema sturi (Gothan)

Diplotmema zeilleri Stur

Diplotmema zobeli (Goeppert)

Discopteris karwinensis Stur

Dolerophyllum pseudopeltatum Grand 'Eury

Dorvcordaites palmaeformis (Goeppert)

Equisetites hemingwayi (Kidston)

Equisetites rugbsus Schimper

Equisetum hemingwayi Kidston see Equisetites

Eremopteris artemisaefolia (Sternberg)

Eremopteris zamioides (Bertrand)

Eupecopteris bucklandi (Brongniart)

Eupecopteris camertonensis Kidston

Eupecopteris cisti (Brongniart)

Eupecopteris dentata (Brongniart)

Eupecopteris fletti Kidston

Eupecopteris minor Kidston

Eupecopteris villosa (Brongniart)

Eupecopteris volkmanni (Sauveur)

Eusphenopteris tenella (Brongniart) see Urnatopteris

Excipulites callipteridis (Schimper)

Excipulites neesi Goeppert

Gnetopsis hexagona Depape and Carpentier

Halonia regularis Lindley and Hutton

Halonia tortuosa Lindley and Hutton

Hexagonocarpus hookeri Kidston

Holcosperma elongatum (Kidston)

Holcosperma mammillatum (Lesquereux)

Holcosperma mentzelianum (Goeppert and Berger)

Holcosperma multistriatum (Presl)

Holcosperma sulcatum (Presl)

Hymenophyllites bronni (Gutbier)

Hymenophyllites quadridactylites (Gutbier)

Hymenotheca acuta Kidston

Hysterites cordaitis Grand 'Eury

Knorria sp.

Lagenospermum kidstoni (Arber)

Lagenospermum ovoides Williamson

Lagenospermum sinclairi (Kidston)

Lagenospermum smithi (Kidston)

Lagenostoma sinclairi Kidston see Lagenospermum

Lepidocystis fraxiniformis Lesquereux

Lepidocystis vesicularis Lesquereux

Lepidodendron aculeatum Sternberg

Lepidodendron acutum (Presl)

Lepidodendron alabamense White

Lepidodendron clypeatum Lesquereux

Lepidodendron dichotomum Zeiller

Lepidodendron distans Lesquereux

Lepidodendron fusiforme (Gorda)

Lepidodendron gaudryi Renault

Lepidodendron jaraczewski Zeiller

Lepidodendron lanceolatum Lesquereux

Lepidodendron landsburgi Gourlie

Lepidodendron loricatum Arber (pars)

Lepidodendron losseni Weiss

Lepidodendron lycopodioides Kidston (? Sternberg)

Lepidodendron obovatum Sternberg

Lepidodendron obtusum Lesquereux

Lepidodendron ophiurus Brongniart

Lepidodendron peachi Kidston

Lepidodendron pictoense Dawson

Lepidodendron rhombicum (Presl)

Lepidodendron rimosum Sternberg

Lepidodendron simile Kidston

Lepidodendron tijoui Lesquereux

Lepidodendron wedekindi Weiss

Lepidodendron wortheni Lesquereux

Lepidophloios acerosus (Lindley and Hutton)

Lepidophloios laricinus Sternberg

Lepidophloios macrolepidotus Goldenberg

Lepidophloios van ingeni White

Lepidophyllum acuminatum Lesquereux

Lepidophyllum brevifolium Lesquereux

Lepidophyllum campbellianum Lesquereux

Lepidophyllum intermedium Lindley and Hutton

Lepidophyllum major Brongniart

Lepidophyllum morissianum Lesquereux

Lepidophyllum triangulare Zeiller

Lepidostrobus anthemis (Koenig)

Lepidostrobus geinitzi Schimper

Lepidostrobus goldenbergi Schimper

Lepidostrobus goodei Jongmans hastatus Lesquereux

Lepidostrobus lanceolatus (Lindley and Hutton)

Lepidostrobus moyseyi Arber

Lepidostrobus pennsylvanicus White

Lepidostrobus spinosus Kidston

Lepidostrobus squarrosus Kidston

Lepidostrobus variabilis Lindley and Hutton

Linopteris brongniarti (Gutbier)

Linopteris germari (Eichwald)

Linopteris muensteri (Eichwald)

Linopteris neuropteroides (Gutbier)

Linopteris obliqua (Bunbury)

Linopteris sub-brongniarti Grand 'Eury

Lonchopteris bricei Brongniart

Lonchopteris conjugata Goeppert

Lonchopteris eschweileriana Andrae

Lonchopteris rugosa Brongniart

Lonchopteris silesiaca Gothan

Lycopodites ciliatus Kidston

Lycopodites gutbieri Goeppert see Selaginellites

Lycopodites meeki Lesquereux

Lycopodites pendulus Lesquereux

Lyginodendron landsburgi Gourlie see Lepidodendron

Macrosphenopteris lindsaeoides Kidston

Macrostachya infundibuliformis (Brongniart)

Mariopteris acuta (Brongniart)

Mariopteris beneckei Huth

Mariopteris coarctata (Stur)

Mariopteris daviesi Kidston

Mariopteris dernoncourti Zeiller

Mariopteris hirta (Stur)

Mariopteris jacquoti Zeiller

Mariopteris latifolia (Brongniart) Zeiller

Mariopteris lobatifolia Kidston

Mariopteris muricata Kidston (? Schlothein)

Mariopteris neglecta Huth

Mariopteris nervosa (Brongniart)

Mariopteris nobilis (Achepohl)

Mariopteris obovata Kidston

Mariopteris plumosa Kidston sauveuri (Brongniart)

Mariopteris soubeirani Zeiller

Mariopteris sphenopteroides Lesquereux

Megalopteris dawsoni Hartt

Megalospermum inflatum (Lesquereux) see Carpolithus

Megalospermum wildi (Kidston) see Carpolithus

Megaphyton approximatum Lindley and Hutton

Megaphyton elongatum Kidston

Megaphyton frondosum Artis

Megaphyton giganteum Goldenberg

Megaphyton souichi Zeiller

Microspermum samaroides (Carpentier)

Myriophyllites gracilis (Artis)

Myriotheca anglica Kidston

Myriotheca scaberrima Sellards

Neuropteris blissi Lesquereux

Neuropteris bockingiana (Weiss)

Neuropteris boghdanowiczi (Zalesshy)

Neuropteris callosa Jongnzans and Gothan

Neuropteris camptophylla Jongmans and Gothan

Neuropteris carpentieri Kidston

Neuropteris cisti Brongniart

Neuropteris crenulata Brongniart

Neuropteris decipiens Lesquereux

Neuropteris elrodi Lesquereux

Neuropteris fimbriata Lesquereux

Neuropteris flexuosa Sternberg

Neuropteris gibbosa Lesquereux

Neuropteris gigantea Sternberg

Neuropteris grangeri Kidston (? Brongniart)

Neuropteris heterophylla Brongniart

Neuropteris kosmanni Arber (non Potonie)

Neuropteris macrophylla Brongniart

Neuropteris microphylla Brongniart

Neuropteris missouriensis Lesquereux

Neuropteris nicolausiana Gothan

Neuropteris obliqua (Brongniart) osmundae (Antis)

Neuropteris ovata Hofmann plicata Sternberg

Neuropteris polymorpha Dawson

Neuropteris pseudogigantea Potonie

Neuropteris rarinervis Bunbury

Neuropteris raymondi Zeiller

Neuropteris scheuchzeri Hofmann

Neuropteris schlehani Stur

Neuropteris schuetzei Potonid

Neuropteris smithi Lesquereux

Neuropteris stradonitzensis (Andrae)

Neuropteris tenuifolia (Schlotheim)

Neuropteris thymifolia Sternberg

Neuropterocarpus subtunicatus (Grand 'Eury)

Neurospermum tunicatum (Goeppert and Berger)

Odontopteris alpina (Presl)

Odontopteris binervosa A chepohl

Odontopteris britannica Gutbier

Odontopteris coemansi Andrae

Odontopteris conwayi Lindley and Hutton

Odontopteris lindleyana Sternberg

Odontopteris reichiana Gutbier

Oligocarpia brongniarti Stur

Oligocarpia gutbieri Goeppert

Omphalophloios anglicus (Sternberg)

Omphalophloios cyclostigma (Lesquereux)

Palaeopteridium reussi (Ettingshausen)

Palaeostachya domherri Zalessky

Palaeostachya elongata (Presl)

Palaeostachya ettingshauseni Kidston

Palaeostachya gracillima Weiss

Palaeostachya pedunculata Williamson

Palaeostachya Paracalamostachys striata Weiss

Palaeostachya williamsoniana Weiss

Pecopteris arborescens Schlotheim see Asterotheca

Pecopteris armasi Zeiller

Pecopteris bucklandi Brongniart see Eupecopteris bioti Brongniart

Pecopteris defranci Brongniart

Pecopteris hepaticiformis Kidston

Pecopteris integra (Andrae)

Pecopteris oreopteridia Schlotheim see Asterotheca.

Pecopteris pluckeneti Schlotheim see Dicksonites

Pecopteris truncata Rost

Pecopteris unita Brongniart see Ptychocarpus

Pinnularia capillacea Lindley and Hutton

Pinakodendron macconochiei Kidston

Pinakodendron ohmanni Weiss

Poacordaites microstachys (Goldenberg)

Polypterocarpus johnsoni (Kidston)

Polypterocarpus ornatus (Arber)

Polypterospermum ornatum Arber see Polypterocarpus

Psaronius renaulti Williamson

Psygmophyllum sp.

Ptychocarpus oblongus Kidston see Unatheca

Ptychocarpus unitus (Brongniart)

Radiospermum sinclairi (Kidston) see Lagenospermum

Radstockia sphenopteroides (Kidston)

Renaultia chaerophylloides (Brongniart)

Renaultia crepini (Stur)

Renaultia germanica Potonie

Renaultia gracilis (Brongniart)

Renaultia hemingwayi Kidston

Renaultia rotundifolia (Andrae) sp.

Rhabdocarpus abnormalis Lesquereux.

Rhabdocarpus conicus Renault

Rhabdocarpus insignis Lesquereux

Rhabdocarpus multistriatus Presl see Holcosperma.

Rhabdocarpus oliveri Kidston

Rhabdocarpus tenax Lesquereux

Rhacopteris asplenites (Ettingshausen)

Rhacopteris elegans (Ettingshausen)

Rhacopteris Rhodea eltringhami Kidston

Rhacopteris gutbieri (Ettingshausen)

Rhacopteris sparsa Kidston

Rhacopteris subpetiolata (Potonie)

Samaropsis acuta (Lindley and Hutton)

Samaropsis fluitans (Dawson)

Samaropsis gutbieri (Geinitz)

Samaropsis marginata (Artis)

Samaropsis meachemi (Kidston)

Samaropsis orbicularis Ettingshausen

Samaropsis quadriovata Kidston

Samaropsis zonulata (Lesquereux)

Schizostachys sphenopteroides Kidston see Radstockia

Selaginellites gutbieri (Goeppert)

Senftenbergia ophiodermatica (Goeppert)

Sigillaria alternans (Sternberg)

Sigillaria antoninae Zalessky

Sigillaria barbata Weiss

Sigillaria boblayi Brongniart

Sigillaria brardi Brongniart

Sigillaria camptotaenia (Wood) see Asolanus

Sigillaria candollei Brongniart

Sigillaria catenulata Lindley and Hutton

Sigillaria cordiformis Kidston

Sigillaria cordigera Zeiller

Sigillaria coriacea Kidston

Sigillaria davreuxi Brongniart

Sigillaria decorata Weiss

Sigillaria deutschiana Borngniart

Sigillaria diploderma Corda

Sigillaria discophora (Koenig)

Sigillaria distans Sauveur

Sigillaria doliaris Weiss

Sigillaria elegans (? Sternberg) Brongniart

Sigillaria elongata Brongniart

Sigillaria essenia A chepohl

Sigillaria euxina Zeiller

Sigillaria feistmanteli Geinitz

Sigillaria germanica Weiss

Sigillaria ichthyolepis (Sternberg)

Sigillaria incerta Kidston

Sigillaria laevigata Brongniart

Sigillaria lenticularis Sauveur

Sigillaria lorwayana Dawson

Sigillaria mammillaris Brongniart

Sigillaria maurici Grand 'Eury

Sigillaria macmurtriei Kidston

Sigillaria micaudi Zeiller

Sigillaria nodosa (Bowman)

Sigillaria nudicaulis Boulay

Sigillaria orbicularis Brongniart

Sigillaria ovalis Lesquereux

Sigillaria ovata Sauveur

Sigillaria peltata Sauveur

Sigillaria polleriana Brongniart

Sigillaria polypolca Boulay

Sigillaria principis Weiss

Sigillaria punctirugosa Kidston

Sigillaria Sigillaria pyriformis Brongniart

Sigillaria reniformis Brongniart

Sigillaria reticulata Lesquereux

Sigillaria rhenana Weiss

Sigillaria rhomboidea Brongniart

Sigillaria rhytidolepis Corda

Sigillaria rugosa Brongniart sauli Brongniart

Sigillaria sauveu ri Zeiller

Sigillaria schlotheimi Brongniart

Sigillaria scutellata Brongniart

Sigillaria scutiformis Zalessky

Sigillaria semipulvinata Kidston

Sigillaria sillimanni Brongniart

Sigillaria sol Kidston

Sigillaria spinulosa Germar

Sigillaria strivelensis Kidston

Sigillaria subrotunda Geinitz

Sigillaria tenuis A chepohl

Sigillaria tessellata Brongniart

Sigillaria transversalis Brongniart

Sigillaria trigona (Sternberg)

Sigillaria venosa Brongniart

Sigillaria voltzi Brongniart

Sigillaria vulgaris (Artis)

Sigillaria walchi Sauveur

Sigillariophyllum bicarinatum (Lindley and Hutton)

Sigillariostrobus ciliatus Kidston

Sigillariostrobus nobilis Zeiller

Sigillariostrobus rhombibracteatus Kidston

Sigillariostrobus souichi Zeiller

Sphenophyllostachys sp.

Sphenophyllum amplum Kidston pro sp.

Sphenophyllum angustifolium (Germar)

Sphenophyllum cuneifolium (Sternberg)

Sphenophyllum emarginatum Brongniart

Sphenophyllum longifoliurn Germar

Sphenophyllum majus Bronn

Sphenophyllum myriophyllum Crepin

Sphenophyllum oblongifolium (Germar and Kaulfuss)

Sphenophyllum papilionaceum Grand 'Eury

Sphenophyllum schlotheimi Brongniart

Sphenophyllum trichomatosum Stur

Sphenopteris alata Brongniart

Sphenopteris amoenaeformis Kidston

Sphenopteris andreana Roehl

Sphenopteris baeumleri Andrae

Sphenopteris bella Stur

Sphenopteris communis (Lesquereux) see Crossotheca

Sphenopteris corifolia Kidston

Sphenopteris cristata Kidston (non Brongniart) see Mariopteris plumosa

Sphenopteris dilatata Lindley and Hutton

Sphenopteris dixoni Kidston

Sphenopteris fentoniana Kidston

Sphenopteris fiexicaulis Lesquereux

Sphenopteris footneri Marrat

Sphenopteris formosa Gutbier

Sphenopteris geniculata Germar see

Sphenopteris Diplotmema furcaturn

Sphenopteris goldenbergi Andrae

Sphenopteris hoeninghausi

Sphenopteris Brongniart huelseni Gothan

Sphenopteris kayi Arber

Sphenopteris kilimi Kidston

Sphenopteris lanarkiana Kidston

Sphenopteris laurenti Andrae

Sphenopteris macilenta Lindley and Hutton

Sphenopteris marrati Kidston

Sphenopteris microcarpa (Lesquereux) see S. amoenaeformis and Renaultia microcarpa

Sphenopteris microscopica Stur

Sphenopteris multifida Lindley and Hutton

Sphenopteris mixta Schimper

Sphenopteris neuropteroides (Boulay)

Sphenopteris nummularia Gutbier

Sphenopteris obtusiloba Brongniart

Sphenopteris pecopteroides Kidston

Sphenopteris pulcherrima Crepin

Sphenopteris quadriloba Kidston

Sphenopteris Sphenopteris sauveuri Crepin

Sphenopteris Sphenopteris (? Renaultia) schatzlarensis (Stur)

Sphenopteris schillingsi Andrae

Sphenopteris schuetzei Kidston (non Stur) see Renaultia sp.

Sphenopteris schwerini Stur

Sphenopteris sewardi Kidston

Sphenopteris souichi Zeiller

Sphenopteris spiniformis Kidston

Sphenopteris spinosa Goeppert

Sphenopteris spinulosa (Stur)

Sphenopteris stipulata (Gutbier)

Sphenopteris stonehousei Kidston

Sphenopteris striata Gothan

Sphenopteris tenuifolia Kidston (non Brongniart) see S. sewardi

Sphenopteris tenuissima Presl

Sphenopteris tracyana Lesqltereux

Sphenopteris trifoliolata (Artis)

Sphenopteris trigonophylla Behrend

Sphenopteris truncata Kidston

Sphenopteris vernoni Kidston walteri Stur

Sphenopteris westphalica (Stur)

Sphenopteris woodwardi Kidston

Sphyropteris frankiana Gothan

Sphyropteris obliqua (Marrat)

Sphyropteris tomentosa Stur Spiropteris sp.

Sporocystis planus Lesquereux

Stachannularia calathifera Weiss

Stachannularia northumbriana Kidston see Calamostachys

Stigmaria anglica (Sternberg) seeOmphalophloios

Stigmaria ficoides (Sternberg)

Stigmaria minuta Goeppert pro var.

Stigmaria reticulata Goeppert pro var.

Stigmariopsis anglica Kidston

Stigmariopsis rimosa Goldenberg

Telangium potieri (Zeiller)

Trigonocarpus adamsi Lesquereux

Trigonocarpus candolleanus Unger

Trigonocarpus noeggerathi (Sternberg)

Trigonocarpus oblongus Lindley and Hutton

Trigonocarpus ovatus Lindley and Hutton

Trigonocarpus parkinsoni Brongniart

Trigonocarpus pusillus Brongniart

Trigonocarpus schultzianus Goeppert and Berger

Unatheca oblonga Kidson

Urnatopteris herbacea (Boulay)

Urnatopteris tenella (Brongniart)

Volkmannia gracilis Sternberg

Whittleseya cordovae White

Whittleseya elegans Newberry

Whittleseya fertilis Kidston

Whittleseya integrifolia Lesquereux

Whittleseya microphylla Lesquereux

Zeilleria avoldensis (Stur)

Zeilleria delicatula (Sternberg)

Zeilleria frenzli (Stur)

Zeilleria hymenophylloides Kidston

Zeilleria schaumberg-lippeana (Stur)


Anachoropteris decaisnei Renault

Anachoropteris pulchra Corda

Anomorrhoea fischeri Eichwald

Arthropitys bistriata (Cotta)

Arthropitys communis (Binney)

Arthropitys lineata (Renault)

Arthropitys medullata (Renault)

Arthropitys subcommunis Grand 'Eury

Bathypteris rhomboidea (Kutorga)

Botryopteris forensis Renault

Calamodendron congenium Grand 'Eury

Calamodendron striatum Brongniart

Callipteris conferta (Sternberg)

Codonospermum anomalum Brongniart

Colpoxylon aeduense Brongniart

Dicranophyllum gallicum Grand 'Eury

Diplolabis forensis Renault

Medullosa stellata Cotta

Myeloxvlon elegans (Cotta)

Myeloxvlonrathatum (Renault)

Neuropteris cordata Brongniart

Odontopteris obtusa Brongniart

Odontopteris osmundaeformis Schlotheim

Odontopteris subcrenulata Zeiller

Pachytesta gigantea (Grand 'Eury)

Polylophospermum sp.

Poroxylon sp.

Psaronius bibractensis Renault

Psaronius giganteus Corda

Psaronius infarctus Unger

Ptychoxylon levyi Renault

Rhabdocarpus rostratus Grand 'Eury

Schizopteris pinnata Grand 'Eury

Scolecopteris elegans Zenker

Sigillaria sp.

Sphenophyllum thoni Mahr

Stephanospermum achenioides Brongniart

Zygopteris lacatti Renault


Anomozamites minor (Brongniart)

Camptopteris spiralis Nathorst

Clathropteris meniscoides Brongniart

Czeicanowskia rigida Heer

Dictyophyllum exile (Brazens)

Dictyophyllum niissoni Brongniart

Lepidopteris of tonis (Goepl)ert)

Neocalamites hoerensis (Schimper)

Nilssonia polymorpha Schenk

Podozamites distans (Presl)

Rhizomopteris schenki Nathorst

Stachyotaxus septentrionalis Agardh

Thaumatopteris schenki Nathorst


Cedroxylon sp.

Ginkgoites sp.

Nilssonia brevis Brongniart

Rhizomopteris cruciata Nathorst

Sagenopteris nilssoniana (Brongniart)


Cylindrites spongioides Goeppert

Nathorstia gracilis Richter

Tempskya rossica Kidston and Gwynne-Vaughan


Osmundites spetsbergensis (Nathorst)