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Paul Kato is a Geoscientist, Geophysics enthusiast, a multi-skilled Hydrogeologist with two years professional experience in the water resources assessment, project and financial management, geophysical site investigations, construction supervision, test pumping, WASH, post implementation monitoring and water well camera inspections. He is determined, confident and positive minded.

Kato is currently is employed by WE Consult since March 2017 as a junior hydrogeologist. Mainly involved in hydrological, hydrogeological and geophysical site investigations, water well drilling, well testing, hydro chemical analyses, borehole camera inspection, WASH, construction supervision and project management consultancy in the water resources industry.

He has wide knowledge in the geology of East African region.

He has field work experiences in the Central, Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda and in the Eastern province of Rwanda.

He has worked on water development projects in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.