Watinoceras devonense Zone

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Base: First appearance of index species (Gale, 1996).

Correlation: This zone was recognised as marking the base of the Turonian in the western USA (Kennedy & Cobban, 1991), and has been similarly adopted in the UK (Gale, 1996). The first appearance of the index is coincident with the disappearance of the characteristically Late Cenomanian Sciponoceras gracile and S. bohemicum anterior, the last record of which at Beachy Head is 0.1 m above Meads Marl 4 (Gale, 1996). The zone equates with the lower part of the W. coloradoense Zone of Wright & Kennedy (1981), and with the basal part of the Mytiloides spp. Zone of the standard macrofossil zonal scheme.

Occurrence: Recognised in Devon but index species is rare elsewhere in the UK.