William Charles Simmons

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Date Details
1888 Born February 20th.
1911 Joined Survey.
1913 Resigned.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

Wayland, E.J. Obituary - William Charles Simmons. Proceedings of the Geological Society in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society. v. 107 p.lix-lx. 1951

Obituary - William Charles Simmons. Born 20th February 1888, died 10th June 1951. Proceedings of the Geologists Association. v. 63 p.111. 1952


Contributed to Memoir: Flint (1924)

Contributed to Memoir: Thicknesses of strata (1916).

Contributed to Memoir: Liverpool (1923)

Works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

Wedd, C.B.. Smith, B.. Simmons, W.C.. Wray, D.A.. Geological Survey of Great Britain. 1923. The geology of Liverpool, with Wirral and part of the Flintshire Coalfield. - London: HMSO.

Wedd, C.B.. King, W.B.R.. Cantrill, T.C.. Lamplugh, G.W.. Simmons, W.C.. Thomas, H.H.. 1924. Geology of the country around Flint, Hawarden, and Caergwrle. Explanation of sheet 108. - London: HMSO. (Memoir (Sheet) Geological Survey of GB (England & Wales) - New Series)

Strahan, A.. Holmes, T.V.. Dewey, H.. Cunnington, C.H.. King, W.B.R.. Simmons, W.C.. Wray, D.A.. 1916. On the thicknesses of strata in the counties of England and Wales exclusive of rocks older than the Permian. - London: HMSO.

BGS archives[edit]

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GSM/GL/Si W C Simmons