William Edmond Logan

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Sir William Edmond Logan FRS (1798–1875)


Date Details
1798 Born.
1835 Appointed.
1842 Resigned.
1842 Initiated Geological Survey of Canada.
1843-1869 Director Geological Survey of Canada.
1851 F.R.S.
1856 Knight.
1856 Wollaston Medal.
1867 Royal Medal.
1875 Died.

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Works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

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BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DC/A/C/11/26,31,33 W E Logan: Letters on his appointment in Canada.
GSM/DC/A/C/11/31 W E Logan: Letter to H T De la Beche.
GSM/DC/A/C/11/31 W E Logan: Letter to H T De la Beche.
GSM/DC/A/C/11/33 W E Logan: Report on Logan by H T De la Beche.
GSM/DC/A/C/13/79 W E Logan: Printed catalogue of Canadian minerals
GSM/DR/Bc/A/2 Correspondence with other geologists inc T.Reeks, R.Phillips, T.Sopwith, C.Roach and W.E.Logan re models and a medal
GSM/GX/Lo William Edmond Logan Obituary file. Logan was a member of a mining company operating in the South wales area. He has begun mapping coal seams and othe geological information on the 1" OS sheets as soon as they were produced and his work was used by De la Beche until Logan left for Canada in 1842. Logan introduced more detailed horizontal and vertical sections and used a 6" scale for detailed topographical mapping.

Other archives[edit]

Written in Stone: William E. Logan and the Geological Survey of Canada Library and Archives Canada

Sir William Edmond Logan FRS (1798–1875)[edit]

Sir William Edmond Logan, a Canadian, was influential amongst early nineteenth century British geologists and collaborated with the BGS's first Director, Henry de La Beche, mapping parts of South Wales.

Sir William Edmond Logan was born in Montreal, Canada in 1798; his parents were Scottish émigrés, but Logan returned to Scotland to attend school and university.

Later he became the manager of a copper works in Swansea, where his interest in the local coalfield geology began.

In 1842 Logan returned to the land of his birth to become the first Director of the Geological Survey of Canada, where he continued to work for many years, before retiring to West Wales. He died in 1875.

Today, Logan is recognised as Canada’s most important scientist, a trailblazer, and Canada’s highest mountain is named in his honour.