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The Yorkshire Geological Society was the first geological society in the North of England, founded in 1837, and is a registered charity (Charity No. 220014). The objective of the society is to promote and record the results of research in geosciences in Yorkshire, which is achieved primarily through a mixture of public lectures and field meetings, and publication within the Society’s main publication “Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society”.

Our general meetings and field trips are free to all members and we always welcome non-members to attend who may have an interest in the geology of the region or their local area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re a non-member thinking about attending one of our meetings or field trips, either using the contact section on the YGS website, or via our Facebook page, so that we can extend you our warmest welcome at the event you want to attend.

The Yorkshire Geological Society presence on Earthwise will include the following field guides and publications:

Yorkshire rocks and landscape: a field guide Colin Scrutton (editor)

Northumbrian rocks and landscape: a field guide John Powell (editor)

Carboniferous hydrocarbon resources: the southern North Sea and surrounding onshore areas Edited by J. D. Collinson, D. J. Evans, D. W. Holliday, N. S. Jones