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Major groundwater projects in Zambia[edit]

Some of the major groundwater projects that have been carried out in Zambia include:


The BGR (the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources) has been involved in a number of groundwater projects in Zambia, in cooperation with Zambian government institutions:

Improving the Capacities of Groundwater Protection in Zambia[edit]

This project, which finishes in 2022, involves BGR with the Ministry of Water Supply, Sanitation and Environmental Protection and the technical institutions WARMA and LWSC, and aims to improve groundwater management and protection in Zambia. There are three main objectives:

- Exploration of a future groundwater abstraction well field and support in the delineation of a groundwater protection zone for the well field, to improve the quality and quantity of Lusaka's drinking water supply; - Development of training modules on borehole construction quality assurance for drilling companies and authorities, to improve the quality of borehole construction and of data collection during drilling (especially borehole completion reports); and - Establishment of a digital information platform for easy access to spatial groundwater data for Lusaka.

More information can be found on the Zambia groundwater protection project website.

Groundwater Resources for Southern Province[edit]

The Groundwater Resources for Southern Province project began in 2005, in partnership with WARMA and has developed hydrogeological maps and reports for the Southern Province of Zambia.

More information, and downloads of the maps and reports, can be found on the Southern Province project website.

Groundwater Information System and Management Programme for Lusaka[edit]

This project produced a groundwater vulnerability map for the Lusaka area.

More information can be found on the Lusaka GIS project website.

Groundwater Resources Management Support Programme (GReSP)[edit]

The Groundwater Resources Management Support Programme ran from 2009 to 2015, in partnership with the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA). It focused on the application of a national groundwater database and in enhancing awareness and capacity in the Zambian water sector, including groundwater resource management and protection, and data collection and analysis. It included working with WARMA to strengthen the institutional framework for groundwater resource planning and management, such as developing and implementing groundwater management plans in a pilot catchment.

More information can be found in the GReSP project website.

Groundwater Management in the Upper Kafue Catchment[edit]

This project runs from 2016 to 2018, in partnership with WARMA, with the aim of improving groundwater management in the Upper Kafue catchment. The Kafue River is the largest tributary of the Zambezi River and the majority of the Zambian population lives in its basin.

More information, and downloads of project reports and other outputs, can be found on the Upper Kafue groundwater project website.

Video of BGR activities in Zambia[edit]

In 2015 the BGR produced a short video about some of their activities in Zambia, which highlights many key groundwater issues in the country.

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