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  • :[[Argyll Group, Dalradian Supergroup, Central Highlands (Grampian) Terrane, Northern Irel ::[[Argyll Group, Dalradian Supergroup, Central Highlands (Grampian) Terrane, Northern Irel
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  • ...radian Supergroup was deposited in a rift basin. They are divided into the Argyll Group and the Southern Highland Group [[Media:P947914.jpg| (P947914)]]. In additi ...are confined to a narrow stratigraphical interval in the upper part of the Argyll Group and lower part of the Southern Highland Group.
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  • In the Argyll Group, the Bonahaven Dolomite has yielded acritarchs and algal stromatolites (Hac ...ajor global glacial period recorded after the basal Vendian (cf. the basal Argyll Group) was in late Ordovician times (Harland, 1972).
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  • ...he appearance of large volumes of volcanic material towards the top of the Argyll Group, with eruption continuing during deposition of the overlying Southern Highl == Appin Group and lower Argyll Group ==
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  • ...ability, which resulted in the commencement of high-level rift faulting in Argyll Group times (Chapter 5). Increased crustal stretching, associated with the openin ...volcanic activity, widespread but minor and basic in character, is in the Argyll Group. Minor tuffs and pillow-lavas occur in the Muckle Fergie and Kymah burns (T
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  • ...rovided by the basic volcanic rocks which appear in the upper parts of the Argyll Group, and continue into the Southern Highland Group, particularly in the South-w Highlands where there is extensive development of migmatite in the Argyll Group rocks of Angus and southern Aberdeenshire, and in northern Aberdeenshire wh
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  • :: [[Argyll Group, Grampian Caledonides|Argyll Group]]
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  • [[Image:P001560.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Stratiform baryte from the Dalradian Argyll Group in the Foss Mine at Aberfeldy, Perthshire. [ the influx of deep-water turbidite sandstone. The uppermost part of the Argyll Group is dominated by limestone with thick accumulations of mafic volcanic lavas
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  • ...ratigraphy of the Southern Highland Group is less clearly defined than the Argyll Group and consists of a thick succession of turbiditic arenites and pelitic metas ...48094)]]. The transition from the underlying Dungiven Limestone Formation (Argyll Group) into the lowest levels of the Dart Formation can be traced from Butterlope
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  • ...mafic-ultramafic plutons and the adjacent hornfelsed Southern Highland and Argyll group rocks.
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  • Small, elongate masses of granite are intruded into Appin Group and Argyll Group metasedimentary rocks at '''''Portsoy''''' (10), '''''Windyhills''''' (11),
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  • ...e Formation [[Media:P947914.jpg| (P947914)]], the highest formation in the Argyll Group, is a regionally important marker which correlates with limestone formation
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  • ...sedimentary rocks are markedly more chloritic than those of the underlying Argyll Group, partly due to the generally lower metamorphic grade, but probably also ref In the Turriff Syncline a sedimentological transition from the Argyll Group into the Southern Highland Group is well seen. On its western limb, the bas
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  • ...malies range from about -10&nbsp;mGal in the north-west of the region over Argyll Group metasedimentary rocks west of the Portsoy Shear Zone (PSZ) to over 40&nbsp; ...sp;km beneath the Buchan region, east of the Portsoy Shear Zone, Appin and Argyll Group strata are modelled on top of a high-density basement (2.78&nbsp;mMgm<sup>-
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  • ...long to the Southern Highland Group, and appear to truncate the underlying Argyll Group succession progressively to the south-west. The more typical turbiditic Sou
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  • The Islay Subgroup at the base of the succeeding Argyll Group is marked by a discontinuous bed of metadiamictite, the ‘Boulder Bed’, The Southern Highland Group is locally unconformable on the Argyll Group west of Whitehills. The basal White-hills Grit Formation is characterised b
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  • ...ldy baryte deposits, situated near the top of the Ben Eagach Schist in the Argyll Group. The synsedimentation concentration of metals, which extends intermittently ...n Shee area (Fettes et al., 1986). To the west of this lineament Appin and Argyll group rocks are involved in a series of NW-facing folds which can be traced down
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  • ...subsequently intruded the southern margin. The Buchan Block exposes upper Argyll Group and Southern Highland Group rocks which are affected by ‘Buchan type’ m ...nown succession and range from the older Grampian Group rocks to Appin and Argyll Group, and the younger Southern Highland Group (Figure 5). However, on the ‘Ban
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  • ...te although still condensed sequence, which passes up conformably into the Argyll Group, reappears to the north of Schiehallion and expands rapidly eastwards to Bl ...n common with the similar, more widespread boulder beds at the base of the Argyll Group, these have been interpreted as tillites, deposited from ice sheets (Treagu
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  • ...oped and extend down to the underlying Tarfside Limestone, assigned to the Argyll Group of the Dalradian (Harte 1979).
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