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  • Coal Measures to distinguish them from the overlying Upper Coal (Barren Red) Measures. The limits of the two divisions have been given above and the ma ...tbridge areas the upper part of the Middle Coal Measures consists of thick red sandstone rather than the usual grey mudstone, pale sandstone and coals.
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  • ...Barren Red Measures because the processes of oxidation which produced the red coloration also caused the alteration or destruction of most of the coal se ...cilitated in some instances by fault planes and more permeable layers. The red coloration is due to the alteration of various iron minerals to hematite.
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  • ...deposition of the gravels but before deposition of the overlying cover of red till (Galloway 1961). ...1]) and Wilderness (Locality D, [NS 600 722]) showed that about 3–7 m of red till (rather stonier here than 1 km to the west, where it also is thicker)
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  • 1980a). The andesite pebbles imply not too distant erosion of Lower Old Red Sandstone lavas at the time of deposition. ...e predominantly thick white sandstones with interbedded grey and sometimes red mudstones. Marine horizons are unknown but both algal and ostracod-bearing
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