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  • ...estone aquifers, the Clwyd Limestone Group in north Wales and the Pembroke Limestone Group in south Wales are used for public and private supply. A number of in in base level (see box below: Development of Karst in the Carboniferous Limestone).
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  • ...In south Wales this translates into the lowermost Avon Group, the Pembroke Limestone Group, the Marros Group (of Millstone Grit facies), followed by the South W
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  • ...lay, limestone, building stone and water. Hematite has been mined from the limestone of the Lake District, lead, zinc and fluorspar from Derbyshire and elsewher and Stephanian. These equate broadly with the older terms Carboniferous Limestone (Tournaisian/Visean), Millstone Grit (Namurian) and Coal Measures (Westphal
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  • ...col" style="width: 400px;" | Carboniferous Limestone — Dowlais Limestone Formation | Carboniferous Limestone — Dowlais Limestone Formation
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  • ...estone within a clay matrix. Groundwater discharges from the Carboniferous Limestone aquifer via discrete springs and large seepage areas occur across the easte
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  • [[File:P662425.jpg|thumbnail|High Tor Limestone Formation dipping south, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower (MFH P662425). ]] ...36.jpg|thumbnail|Palaeokarstic surface at the top of the Dinantian Dowlais Limestone overlain unconformably by pebbly grit at the base of the Namurian; the grit
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