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  • == Mercia Mudstone Group == ...ils 5-11 Mid- to Late Triassic (Anisian-Carnian) miospores from the Mercia Mudstone Group in the Larne No. 2 borehole: 5 Guttulapollenites hannonicus, 6 Verruc
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  • [[Image:P210568.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Mercia Mudstone Group and Penarth Group successions (late Triassic) — Aust Clif [[Image:P211340.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Mercia Mudstone Group and Penarth Group successions (late Triassic) — Blue Anch
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  • The younger Mercia Mudstone Group comprises massive red-brown dolomitic mudstones with gypsum either in
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  • ...s district. The upper boundary of this unit is gradational into the Mercia Mudstone Group above. ===== Mercia Mudstone Group (MMG) =====
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  • ...ensively causing subsidence in places. The maximum thickness of the Mercia Mudstone Group, about 1340m, was proved in a borehole at Prees in the Cheshire Basin ...subordinate sandstone (Westbury Formation) overlain by pale greenish grey mudstone with subordinate limestone (Lilstock Formation), and is about 12m thick. Th
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  • offshore basins. Red and yellow-brown sandstone predominates with some mudstone and pebble conglomerate. Much of the sandstone had an aeolian origin with s ...spans the Permo-Triassic boundary and continues upwards into Triassic red mudstone.
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  • ...lats. The facies is markedly diachronous, persisting throughout the Mercia Mudstone Group wherever it onlaps the Palaeozoic rocks, but crops out only around Wi ...prominent limestone of the White Lias Formation, succeeded by interbedded mudstone and limestone of the basal part of the Blue Lias Formation. Approximate loc
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  • fractures and voids, whilst the conglomerate and breccia of the Mercia Mudstone Group Marginal Facies form the only significant aquifer of Triassic age. Yo ...s Earth Formation, Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Penarth Group and Mercia Mudstone Group are regarded as non-aquifers. Whilst water flow through such rocks is
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  • ...od Sandstone Group in the lower half of the cliff and the overlying Mercia Mudstone Group. P579296.]] widespread and youngest is a series of red mudstones, called the Mercia Mudstone, which was deposited in shallow seasonal lagoons and on broad river floodpl
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  • ...borehole at the southern margin of St George’s Channel Basin, calcareous mudstone and muddy sandstone, overlying Westphalian strata, have been assigned to th ...n determined. They are, in ascending order, the Sherwood Sandstone, Mercia Mudstone and Penarth groups.
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  • ...treline; EWrung_4; EWrung_5). Here the underlying Penarth Group and Mercia Mudstone Group strata (WLI, PNG, MMG) are locally correlated but were not calculated ''“I can see that it halts when trying to calculate the Whitby Mudstone. This is usually a result of one, or a combination of, the following reason
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  • ...ones and calcareous mudstones (marl) that has been equated with the Mercia Mudstone Group (Lovell, 1991). The presence of carbonate concretions, pseudomorphs a ...they are exposed in the Allt nan Dris, where mudstones of the Levencorroch Mudstone Formation are associated with grey-green siltstones of the Derenenach Forma
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  • of the formation contains increasing amounts of fine-grained sediment, mudstone interbeds and aeolian grains. ...ounts of dolostone, dolomitic mudstone and anhydrite. Strata of the Mercia Mudstone Group are not recognised in onshore west Cumbria, but are preserved beneath
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  • ...ace where the two main raw materials, limestone and clay (or in some cases mudstone), are available. Some gypsum or anhydrite is also required. The Weardale Ce Brine pumping from beds of halite (salt) within the Triassic Mercia Mudstone Group supported small-scale salt industries at Point of Ayre on the Isle of
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  • place foundations below the weathered zone. Oxidation of pyrite in the mudstone will produce acid and sulphate-rich ground conditions; subsequent reaction ...rcia Mudstone Group rocks of north-west Cumbria, weak to moderately strong mudstone weathers to firm clay, but weak interbeds of halite and gypsum may have bee
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  • aquifers separated by thick, laterally persistent layers of impermeable mudstone. The majority of water flow is via fractures or thin, coarse-grained horizo ...tone and limestone beds act as individual aquifers confined by impermeable mudstone. In many places springs issue from the base of water-bearing horizons and h
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  • coarse grains. Less well-sorted finer grained sandstone beds with thin mudstone intercalations are common, mainly at the top of the sequence and at the mar ...Eden Shale Formation overlies the Penrith Sandstone and consists mainly of mudstone and siltstone; sandstone, breccias and conglomerate intercalations being su
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  • ...ed is classified as '''''firm '''''to '''''strong '''''because it has some mudstone beds that are firm due to weathering but also contains stronger sandstone a can react with calcium carbonate, commonly found in many grey clays and mudstone, to form gypsum (see BRE 2005<ref name="BRE 2005">BRE. 2005. Concrete in ag
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  • | Corallian Group, Mercia Mudstone Group
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  • ...our at the formation level, FM_EQ, as defined above: e.g. 266 for Sidmouth Mudstone Formation which includes Radcliffe Member ...defined above: e.g. 505 for Mercia Mudstone Group which includes Sidmouth Mudstone Formation
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  • greater enrichment) in the organic-rich and phosphate-bearing siltstone-mudstone beds (Facies B: Donovan, 1980<ref name="Donovan 1980"></ref>), where it occ to the Clackmannan Group. These rocks also comprise cyclical sandstone, mudstone and siltstone with minor limestone, minor coal and sideritic ironstone (Mon
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