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  • :[[Pennant Sandstone Formation]] :[[Pennant Sandstone Formation]]
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  • ...economic coal seams. The South Wales Upper Coal Measures Formation and the Pennant Sandstone Formation are predominantly sandstones with persistent but thin mudstone and coal hor
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  • ...and Middle Coal Measure formations are dominated by mudstone. Moreover the Pennant Sandstone Formation is generally thick, massive, feldspathic and micaceous and forms the relati ...of 670 m of strata, mainly of the massive Pennant Sandstone Formation. The Pennant Sandstone Formation comprises thick, cross-bedded units with some coal.
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  • ...e New Smith’s Coal. Further south, workings were largely undertaken in the Pennant Sandstone Formation. The California collieries [665 716] exploited the Millgrit, Chick and He
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  • ...s mudstones and sandstones with subordinate siltstones and coal seams. The Pennant Sandstone Formation is dominated by sandstone while the Lower and Middle Coal Measure formation
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  • ...has flowed, namely the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup, the Marros Group, and Pennant Sandstone Formation. These rock units lithologies have imparted a sandy and gravelly character
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  • pumped from mainly fractured sandstones of the Middle Coal Measures and Pennant Sandstone Formation within the South Wales Coalfield both for mine dewatering and public water
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  • ...extensive tabular sheets from both confined flow and flood events. In the Pennant Sandstone Formation, major distributary, channelised, fining-upwards sandstones are common arou ...from the south and west. The sandstones are the earliest expression of the Pennant Sandstone Formation lithology. In the west, three thin marine bands, Graigog, Mole and Trimsara
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  • ...ese sandstone-dominated successions with thick coals are identified as the Pennant Sandstone Formation (C7) that forms the characteristic plateau of the South Wales Coalfield (''
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  • ...iable competence of the sedimentary rocks; the competent sandstones of the Pennant Sandstone Formation acted as a passive roof to the thrust system.
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