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  • ...eriod (c. 210 my) the sea flooded these basins, depositing the marine mudstone and limestones of the Penarth Group (‘Rhaetic’). During the succeeding ..."col" style="width: 125px;" style="background-color: #dcdcdc;" | '''Redcar Mudstone Formation (m)'''
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  • ...uarry, with shale baulk in foreground, Kettleness, North Yorkshire, Whitby Mudstone Formation (Alum Shales Member) overlain by sandstones, siltstones and mudst The source material was shale from the Alum Shales Member of the Whitby Mudstone Formation. The middle part of the member, the ‘Main Alum Shales’, is pa
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  • ...where the base of the Inferior Oolite limestone caprock (overlying Whitby Mudstone) drops up to 53 m, from its original elevation. Associated with cambering a Here the Charmouth Mudstone Formation (Lias Group) is overlain by the Inferior Oolite Group limestones,
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  • ...427–462.</ref>). The dam was founded on, and formed largely from, Whitby Mudstone Formation material excavated locally. Brecciation is in the form of lithore |+ Table 6.5&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Weathering of Whitby Mudstone Formation (Upper Lias Clay) at Rockingham and Gratton, Northamptonshire (af
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  • ...m<sup>3</sup>, whereas the Bridport Sand, Blue Lias, Dyrham, and Charmouth Mudstone Formations all have median dry densities less than 1.65 Mg/m<sup>3</sup>. A ...he exception of ‘undifferentiated’ Lower Lias (Blue Lias and Charmouth Mudstone) which has a median water content of 31%. The reason for this is unclear.
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  • | Charmouth Mudstone Formation | Redcar Mudstone Formation
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