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  • ...ite within the Dava-Glen Banchor succession (formerly known as the Central Highland Migmatite Complex) at Auchterteang, Inverness. [ ...radian Supergroup is only preserved in the uppermost parts of the Southern Highland Group where, locally, metamorphosed limestone contains mid Cambrian trilobi
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  • :: [[Central Highland Migmatite Complex, Grampian Caledonides|Central Highland Migmatite Complex]] :: [[Southern Highland Group, Grampian Caledonides|Southern Highland Group]]
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  • ...from the upper part of the Grampian Group to a high level in the Southern Highland Group is exposed along the Moray Firth coast between Buckie and Macduff. Th The Southern Highland Group is locally unconformable on the Argyll Group west of Whitehills. The
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  • ...rnary sequences. Geotechnical information is not presented for the Central Highland Drift Group owing to the sparse, and unrepresentative coverage of site inve ...steeply dipping, interstratified semipelites and psammites of the Southern Highland Group on the western side of Gamrie Bay [[Media:P915373.png|(P915373)]]; th
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  • crop out on the foreshore but are faulted against Dalradian Southern Highland Group arenitesand pelites of the Macduff Slate Formation that form the head ...rlair Tayvallich and Crinan Subgroup rocks – the Boyne Line – Southern Highland Group rocks – Buchan metamorphic zones. (Wed 18<sup>th</sup> May 2005) ]
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  • ...unded to the northwest by the Great Glen Fault and to the southeast by the Highland Boundary Fault (Figure 3). It is composed of a unique southeasterly prograd ...l and Late Silurian and Devonian sinistral strike slip movements along the Highland Boundary. By analogy with Connemara and Mayo the missing material may have
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  • ...Whitehills. All the rock lie within the Macduff slate Formation (Southern Highland Group). The rocks at Tarlair lie just west of the regional Turriff Syncline
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  • ...e gravels at Windy Hills and the structure and lithologies of the Southern Highland Group rocks at Collieston.
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  • ...sion progressively to the south-west. The more typical turbiditic Southern Highland Group rocks, mainly arenite (psammite) and pelite, are represented by the M
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  • | rowspan="5" | Southern Highland Group ...of the Argyll Group and this facies is dominant in the overlying Southern Highland Group. These younger arenites, semipelites and pelites were largely deposit
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  • ...ominated by those assigned to the youngest constituent group, the Southern Highland Group. These rocks occupy most of the ground east of the Huntly and Knock m ...ones) and argillites (mudstones and siltstones) in the turbiditic Southern Highland Group to their recrystallised and gneissose metamorphic equivalents that re
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  • ...der biotite granite are widely and deeply weathered. In contrast, Southern Highland Group rocks and Devonian sandstones and conglomerates are less significantl
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  • ...the onset of dominantly turbiditic sedimentation, now manifest by Southern Highland Group metasedimentary rocks. ...t-grade psammites and semipelites of the Macduff Slate Formation (Southern Highland Group) on its eastern side where a prominent hornfelsed zone containing cor
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  • a broad regional gravity high over the Dalradian strata of the Southern Highland Group of the Buchan region east of the PSZ but the Huntly intrusion itself ...regional feature of the model is the nature of the crust beneath Southern Highland Group rocks east of the PSZ. At depths of about 8&nbsp;km beneath the Bucha
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  • ...r Argyll group rocks to the west-north-west from upper Argyll and Southern Highland group rocks intruded by mafic-ultramafic plutons of the North-east Grampian ...iff outlier (Figure 11). The syncline is developed largely in the Southern Highland Group turbiditic sequence, but the detailed structural pattern is controlle
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  • ...the Grampian, Appin and Argyll Group and wacke sandstones of the Southern Highland Group. Metamorphosed limestones have also been quarried for this purpose (s Quarrying of Dalradian Southern Highland Group pelitic rocks for roofing slate was once a major activity in the ‘S
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  • ...henson. C W Thomas undertook mainly reconnaissance mapping of the Southern Highland Group in the Turriff district (Sheet 86E) and mapped along the northern mar
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  • ...Supergroup occupy much of the ground between the Great Glen Fault and the Highland Boundary Fault ([[Media:P914121.png|P914121]]), but only on Arran are they ...subsidiary slaty metasiltstone and metamudstone, of the uppermost Southern Highland Group occupy much of the northern part of the island. They were displaced a
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  • ...been mainly one of erosion. Apart from some Carboniferous rocks along the Highland Border and a small area of Permian to Jurassic rocks near Lossiemouth, the ...rticularly in the South-west Highlands. The dominant rocks of the Southern Highland Group are, however, turbiditic metagreywacke sandstones and siltstones.
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  • ...detailed studies of the migmatites, which referred to them as the Central Highland Division, retained their correlation with the Moine. However, this correlat ...ded in a ‘Moinian Metamorphic Assemblage’. This comprised a ‘Central Highland Psammitic Group’ made up of the quartzofeldspathic flags and gneisses reg
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