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Information resources on groundwater in Africa

This section provides more background information on many different aspects of groundwater and hydrogeology in Africa, and links to more detailed resources.

Supporting geological and environmental information

These pages have information on the geological and other environmental maps and graphs on the country pages: how they were developed, and links to original data sources.

- Country boundaries and land surface elevation
- Geology
- Climate
- Land cover
- Soil
- Surface water

The hydrogeology of groundwater in Africa

- An overview of groundwater in Africa
- Hydrogeology maps of Africa
- The Africa Groundwater Atlas country hydrogeology maps
- Aquifer properties
- Recharge
- Groundwater quality

Developing groundwater resources

- Introduction to groundwater development procedures
- Borehole Drilling, including professionalising drilling
- Manual drilling
- Siting Boreholes
- Siting Boreholes:Reconnaissance
- Assessing source yield
- Assessing water quality

Groundwater management

- Groundwater management organisations
- Groundwater monitoring
- Groundwater use in Africa

Key groundwater issues

- Urban groundwater in Africa
- Groundwater and irrigation in Africa
- Transboundary aquifers

Case studies

- A series of case studies that illustrate different groundwater understanding and management issues across Africa.

Groundwater Data

Information on and links to sources of groundwater data in Africa.

Groundwater Research in Africa

Information on key current and past groundwater research themes and projects in Africa.

Educational Resources

Information and resources to help explain groundwater issues and hydrogeology.

Groundwater Organisations in Africa

Links to some of the many professional networks and organisations offer support to those working in groundwater and hydrogeology in Africa.

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