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Africa Groundwater Atlas >> Resource Pages

 This page is still being developed. Please check back soon for more information.

Information resources on groundwater in Africa[edit]

This section provides more background information on many different aspects of groundwater and hydrogeology in Africa, and links to more detailed resources.

Supporting geological and environmental information[edit]

These pages have information on the geological and other environmental maps and graphs on the country pages: how they were developed, and links to original data sources.

- Country boundaries and land surface elevation
- Geology
- Climate
- Land cover
- Soil
- Surface water

Background on the hydrogeology of Africa[edit]

- An overview of groundwater in Africa
- Aquifer properties
- Recharge
- Groundwater quality

OVerview of Groundwater and Hydrogeological Maps of Africa[edit]

- Groundwater and Hydrogeological maps of Africa
- The Africa Groundwater Atlas Country Hydrogeology Maps

Developing groundwater resources[edit]

- Introduction to groundwater development procedures
- Borehole Drilling, including professionalising drilling
- Manual drilling
- Siting Boreholes
- Siting Boreholes:Reconnaissance
- Assessing source yield
- Assessing water quality

Groundwater management[edit]

- Groundwater management organisations
- Groundwater monitoring
- Groundwater use in Africa

Key groundwater issues[edit]

- Urban groundwater in Africa
- Groundwater and irrigation in Africa
- Transboundary aquifers

Case studies[edit]

- A series of case studies that illustrate different groundwater understanding and management issues across Africa.

Groundwater Data[edit]

Information on and links to sources of groundwater data in Africa.

Groundwater Research in Africa[edit]

Information on key current and past groundwater research themes and projects in Africa.

Educational Resources[edit]

Information and resources to help explain groundwater issues and hydrogeology.

Groundwater Organisations in Africa[edit]

Links to some of the many professional networks and organisations offer support to those working in groundwater and hydrogeology in Africa.

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