Alfred John Jukes-Browne

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Alfred John Jukes-Browne. BGS Image no. P585006


Date Details
1851 Born April at Penn Fields near Wolverhampton. Educated at Cholmondley School, Highgate, and St. John’s College, Cambridge (Tutor, T.G. Bonney). Nephew of J.B. Jukes, whose name he adopted on his 21st birthday.
1873 Hons. B.A. in Natural Science Tripos.
1874 Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist.
1873-1883 Mapping in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. Contributed to Memoirs.
1883 Paper in Quarterly Journal Geological Society on river evolution.
1884 Began work for “Cretaceous rocks of Britain”, 3 volumes (published 1900-4).
1876-1877 Visited Egypt.
1885 Lyell Award.
1888-1889 Visited Barbados with J.B. Harrison, Government Chemist, he produced geological map and memoir and 2 papers (Quarterly Journal Geological Society).
1901 Murchison Medal.
Retired from Survey on account of ill-health.
Continued geological work and study of Recent Mollusca.
Text books: “Physical and Stratigraphical Geology” and “Building of the British Isles”.
1909 Elected F.R.S.
1914 Died August 16th.

Biographies and obituaries


BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/GL/Bw/29/47 A J Jukes-Browne: Letters on fossils purchased.
GSM/GL/Bw/29/247,252,256 A J Jukes-Browne: Letters on sick leave.
GSM/GL/Cm/3 Correspondence: letters to Mr Brown, Jukes-Browne, Rudler (about Fullers Earth), W.Topley, W.W...
GSM/GL/Gr/57 Letters to Jukes-Browne and T Reeks
GSM/GL/Jb A J Jukes-Browne Joined the survey in 1874. Jukes-Browne was the nephew of J.B.Jukes, formerly Director of the...
GSM/GL/Jb/3 Correspondence with other geologists. Including: H.A.Allen, F.H.Hatch, F.L.Kitchin, G.W.Lamplugh...
GSM/GL/Jb/5 Copy of "Further Investigations Regarding the Submerged Terraces and River Valleys Bordering the... Jukes-Browne's copy containing notes by him. Inscribed by Hull.
GSM/GL/Wh/2 Correspondence with other geologists inc. J.Geikie, Jukes-Browne, Rudler and S.V.Wood