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[[File:P575744.jpg|thumb|Arthur Henfrey. BGS Photograph number P575744]]
[[File:P575744.jpg|thumb|Arthur Henfrey. BGS Photograph number P575744]]
[[File:Arthur Henfrey Maull Polyblank.jpg|thumb|Arthur Henfrey
[[File:Arthur Henfrey Maull Polyblank.jpg|thumb|Arthur Henfrey]]
== Timeline ==
== Timeline ==

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Arthur Henfrey. BGS Photograph number P575744
Arthur Henfrey


Date Details
1819 Born November 1st at Aberdeen of English parents. Studied medicine at St. Barts. Hospital.
1843 Became Member of College of Surgeons. Unable to practice on account of delicate health, so devoted himself to study botany.
1845 Joined Survey. Resigned in 1846. (Found in Staff Register).
1847 Appointed Lecturer on Botany at St. George’s Hospital.
1854 Succeeded Edward Forbes in Chair of Botany at King’s. Examiner in Natural History to Royal Military Academy and Society of Arts.
1859 Died September 7th.

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