BGS Zone 1 (=UKB1 and 2 of Hart et al., 1989)

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Base: The inception of Plectina mariae and Hagenowina anglica. Flourensina intermedia and Hagenowina advena become common. The extinction of the Albian taxa such as Arenobulimina chapmani and Arenobulimina sabulosa.

Top: The inception of the succeeding zonal index


  • Vialovella praefrankei becomes extinct in the lower part of the N. carcitanense macrofaunal subzone.
  • Facies related taxa such as Bulbophragmium aequale folkestonensis, which is found in the Glauconitic Marl of southeastern Kent, were used by Hart et al (1989) to define his UKB 1 Zone.

Macrofaunal correlation: M. mantelli Zone

Age: Early Cenomanian