BGS Zone 25 (=UKB21 of Hart et al., 1989)

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Base: Inception of Bolivinoides paleocenicus.

Top: Inception of Bolivinoides draco draco (not seen onshore, but present in the North Sea Basin).


  • The Trimmingham Sponge Beds Member and Little Marl Point Member contain Angulogavelinella bettenstaedti together with B. paleocenicus.
  • Pseudouvigerina rugosa and Tappanina selmensis appear in the upper part of the Little Marl Point Chalk (‘lunata Beds’ of Peake & Hancock, 1961, 1970) and Beacon Hill Grey Chalk (‘Grey Beds’ of Peake & Hancock, 1961, 1970).
  • In the North Sea succession, Hedbergella monmouthensis appears in the upper part of the foraminifera zone.

Macrofaunal correlation: lower B. occidentalis Zone s.l.

Age: Maastrichtian