BGS Zone 7 (=lower UKB 8 of Hart et al., 1989)

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Base: Extinction of Hagenowina advena in the base of the Plenus Marls.

Top: Inception of Dicarinella imbricata, Whiteinella archaeocretacea, Heterohelix globosus, Marginotruncana marginata, together with the extinction of Rotalipora cushmani


  • Extinction of Rotalipora greenhornensis, Gavelinella cenomanica, Tritaxia macfadyeni, Plectina cenomana at the top of Bed 1 of the Plenus Marls.
  • Extinction of Gavelinella baltica and Gavelinella intermedia in Bed 2 of the Plenus Marls. Rotalipora cushmani extinction at the top of Bed 3 of the Plenus Marls.

Macrofaunal correlation: lower to middle M. geslinianum Zone.

Age: Late Cenomanian