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[[Category:History of the British Geological Survey]]
[[Category:History of the British Geological Survey]]
''''''Song by Archibald Geikie, first Director of the Survey in Scotland (1867-1881) on the occasion of the first Edinburgh Annual Dinner,''''''
'''16th February 1869'''
'''''By the Chairman'''''
'''''A Survey Gathering Song ''- ''16 February 1869'''''
''Pibroch of Roderick Dhu!''
''Peal of our clansmen!''
''Raise thy loud notes anew''
''Gather our kinsmen.''
''Come away; Come away.''
''Hark to the warning.''
''Come every man today,''
''Wind and wave scorning.''
''Come from your western hills''
''Faulted and trappy''
''Flooded by wintry sills,''
''Soaking and sappy.''
''Come from your Southern heights,''
''Groundless and dreary''
''Cease to be eremites''
''Woful and weary.''
''Come from your boulder clay,''
''Clansmen so trusty.''
''Quit your Coal -fields today''
''And pitmen dusty.''
''Come from Silurian ground,''
''Old Red and felstone,''
''Raised beach and moraine mound,''
''Grit of the Millstone.''
''Leave off your working gear''
''With all its rumpus;''
''Hammer, clinometer,''
''Notebook and Compass;''
''Map case and register,''
''Red-tape and drivel;''
''Bid them be off with them''
''Straight to the Devil.''
''Yonder’s our chieftain ‘s flag,''
''Point of our muster;''
''High over glen and crag,''
''Round it we cluster:­Flag that for many a day,''
''Through strife and fury,''
''Sternly hath held its sway''
''Over Silurie''
''After a year again,''
''Once more we gather;''
''Injury, grief and pain''
''Buried together:''
''Bitterness cannot last''
''With the leal-hearted''
''‘Tis in oblivion cast''
''Soon as departed.''
''Strife of all clamourers, -''
''Sparing us never''
''Here are we hammerers''
''Stronger than ever!''
''Health to the new men,''
''Both here and landward.''
''May they be true men,''
''And stick to our standard!''
''Where ‘er our path may be,''
''Whether on land or''
''Over the boundless sea''
''We may yet wander,''
''True to our cause, and as''
''True to each other''
''May we for aye stand as''
''Brother to brother!''
''Pibroch of Roderick Dhu!''
''Peal of our Clansmen!''
''Waken they notes anew''
''Summon they kinsmen.''
''So may a lustre proud''
''Ever surround thee.''
''Long may our Survey crowd''
''Yearly around thee.''

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