Cainozoic geology and landscape evolution of north-east Scotland - important localities

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Merritt, J W, Auton, C A, Connell, E R, Hall, A M, and Peacock, J D. 2003. Cainozoic geology and landscape evolution of north-east Scotland. Memoir of the British Geological Survey, sheets 66E, 67, 76E, 77, 86E, 87W, 87E, 95, 96W, 96E and 97 (Scotland).

Contributors: J F Aitken, D F Ball, D Gould, J D Hansom, R Holmes, R M W Musson and M A Paul.

Sites of significance
Site number Site name Site characteristics and significance
1 Teindland Long sequence; 4 tills; Ipswichian palaeosol; luminescence dated sand
2 Boyne Limestone Quarry Mesozoic rafts; glacitectonites; 3 tills one shelly; Whitehills Glacigenic Formation with OIS 2/3 shells
3 Castle Hill, Gardenstown Mesozoic rafts; glacitectonites; 3 tills one shelly; Whitehills Glacigenic Formation with OIS 2/3 shells; capped by glaciolacustrine Kirkburn Silt Formation
4 King Edward Rafted OIS 3/4 shelly deposits
5 Crossbrae Farm, Turriff Early Devensian peat bed; gelifluctates
6 Howe of Byth Quarry Windermere Interstadial peat; OIS 2 till; OIS 3 gravel (luminescence dated)
7 Kirkhill and Leys quarries Longest sequence in region; 2 palaeosols; 5 gelifluctate beds; three 100 ka cycles represented (3 tills)
8 Oldmill pit Mesozoic rafts; glacitectonites; 2 tills, old gravel
9 Philorth valley Estuarine deposits and peat; Holocene sea level change
10 Ugie valley Glacial Lake Ugie and possible mid OIS 2 readvance; tundra polygons
11 St Fergus Raised OIS 2 glaciomarine silts and late readvance; tundra polygons
12 Sandford Bay Logie-Buchan Drift Group deformation tills and clays on 'local' till with sparse Norwegian erratics
13 Windy Hills Neogene quartzite gravels; tills and gelifluctates; GPR traverse
14 Moss of Cruden Devonian Smallburn Sandstone Formation outlier Lower Cretaceous Moreseat Sandstone Formation outlier Neogene Buchan Ridge flint/quartzite gravels Camp Fauld; Early Devensian peat bed, 2 tills
15 Ellon (Bellscamphie) 'indigo' shelly till; long sequence with 4 tills
16 Kippet Hills (Slains) Esker; Logie-Buchan Drift Group; early Pleistocene shells
17 Errollston Clay Pit Logie-Buchan Drift Group deformation tills and clays
18 Mill of Dyce pit Deglaciation of lower Don valley; deltaic sequence
19 Strabathie, Bridge of Don Deltaic sequence formed during parting of ice streams
20 Nether Daugh, Kintore Meander infill; late Holocene environmental change
21 Rothens, Monymusk Kettle hole infill; Late-glacial sequence
22 Nigg Bay, Aberdeen Long sequence including elements of four drift groups
23 Loch of Park, Banchory Late-glacial to Holocene pollen sequence
24 Balnakettle, Fettercairn Tectonised sequence; late readvance of East Grampian ice
25 Knockhill, Glenbervie Windermere Interstadial peat bed under landslipped till
26 Burn of Benholm Red till on Early Devensian peat on shelly diamicton

Important localities[edit]

1 Teindland, near Elgin
2 Boyne Limestone Quarry
3 Castle Hill, Gardenstown
4 King Edward
5 Crossbrae Farm, Turriff
6 Howe of Byth Quarry
7 Kirkhill and Leys quarries
8 Oldmill Quarry
9 Philorth valley, Fraserburgh
10 Ugie valley
11 St Fergus (Annachie)
12 Sandford Bay
13 Windyhills
14 Moss of Cruden
15 Ellon (Bellscamphie)
16 Kippet Hills, Slains
17 Errollston Clay Pit, Cruden Bay
18 Mill of Dyce
19 Strabathie
20 Nether Daugh, Kintore
21 Rothens, Monymusk
22 Nigg Bay, Aberdeen
23 Loch of Park
24 Balnakettle
25 Knockhill Wood, Glenbervie
26 Burn of Benholm


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