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Responsibility for the content of these articles lies with the Edinburgh Geological Society. Questions, suggestions or comments regarding the contents of these articles should be directed to the the Edinburgh Geological Society.
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This is a collaborative project with the Edinburgh Geological Society. It contains articles provided by BGS and the EGS. We are looking for further partners.

This section of EarthwiseTM is devoted to field excursions, geological walks and individual sites. They are arranged by the British Geological Survey 'Regional geology' areas, though as the site grows other ways of organising contibutions will be developed.

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Walks, excursions and sites required

We currently have excursions covering Scotland but hope to develop partnerships with other societies and individuals to extend this section to cover the whole of the British Isles. If you have content to contribute please contact the EarthwiseTM team. We can provide help or advice in scanning paper excursion guides to provide content for this project.


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