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| Connett's Hole<br>Nodular Chalk
| Connett's Hole<br>Nodular Chalk
| rowspan "4" | Beer Head<br>Limestone<br>Formation
| rowspan="4" | Beer Head<br>Limestone<br>Formation
| Pinnacles Glauconitic Limestone
| Pinnacles Glauconitic Limestone

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Jarvis & Woodroof (1984) gave a detailed account of the lower part of the Chalk Group in south-east Devon, formally subdividing the succession into Formations and Members, and recognising key marker beds of value for local and regional correlation. A skeletal account of a revised lithostratigraphical nomenclature for the remainder of the Chalk Group of south-east Devon was given by Jarvis & Tocher (1987). The unified details of these schemes are as follows:

Ramsgate Chalk
St Margarets
Seaton Chalk
Beer Roads
Flinty Chalk
Connett's Hole
Nodular Chalk
Beer Head
Pinnacles Glauconitic Limestone
Little Beach Bioclastic Limestone
Hooken Nodular Limestone
Pounds Pool Sandy Limestone


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JARVIS, I & WOODROOF, P B. 1984. Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian and basal Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) between Branscombe and Seaton, S E Devon, England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Vol. 95 (3), 193-215.

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