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Collation of content

Before working on an Earthwise 'excursion' page bring together all the relevant content, images, text, refrences etc.

Step 1 - Page images of Excursion from the GA Circular.Save the files to your PC (images supplied by Bob)

Step 2 - take a copy of the OCR'ed text from the Excursion in the GA Circular. Clean up the formatting/errors remove the double quotes. (text supplied by Bob)

Step 3 - Look at the appropriate index page for the excursion and and make a small selection for the gallery - note the P numbers (we will need this to download the images [[1]] These will initially be in the T.W. Reader albums.

Step 4 Check to see if there is a group photo/signatures for the excursion in the Johnston volumes (GA144 and GA145)

Step 5 Is there a follow-up article for the excursion in the Proceedings of the Geologists' Association. Note its Bibliograsphic reference and doi identifier