Chalk Biozone 9 - Endoscrinium campanula

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Age: Mid Coniacian to Early Santonian.

Macrofaunal correlation: The M. coranguinum Zone.

Definition: The interval between the LAD of Florentinia deanei to the LAD of Endoscrinium campanula.

Comments: The distinctive cavate species Endoscrinium campanula has a well established range top at the top of the M. coranguinum Zone (Foucher, 1979; Costa & Davey, 1992). A possible alternative index for the top of this biozone is the FAD of Senoniasphaera protrusa (see Foucher, 1979).

Lithostratigraphical correlation: The Seaford Chalk Formation (Southern Province), the Burnham Chalk and the lower Flamborough Chalk formations (Northern Province) and the Mackerel Formation (North Sea).