Charles Panzetta Chatwin

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Charles Panzetta Chatwin. P858237
Charles Panzetta Chatwin's Office. He refused to be photographed! BGS Image P640506

Chatwin progressed from boy attendant at the Natural History Museum (1902–11), to Librarian at the Geological Society (1913–19), lecturer in palaeontology at the University of Liverpool (1919–20) and palaeontologist at the Geological Survey (1920–47). In 1975, Kenneth Oakley (one of the team that exposed Piltdown in 1953–55) privately named Chatwin as a possible conspirator, though his views were not made public until 2003.

Date Details
1887 Born
1920 Assistant Palaeontologist
1927 Senior Geologist

BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/By/S/6 Draft report on the geology of Gibralter by E.B.Bailey and C.P.Chatwin, with correspondence.
GSM/GL/Ww/12 Geological Autographs Book containing the autographs of a large number of geologists, palaeontologists, naturalists etc...
GSM/GL/Wy/1 Correspondence; letters to Chatwin, Eastwood, Kitchin and B.Smith
GSM/GX/Ar/1 Correspondence: letters to E.B.Bailey, C.P.Chatwin, H.G.Dimes, C.H.Dinham, and replies to E.E.L...
GSM/GX/Br/1 Letters to Kitchin, C P Chatwin, Dixon, Stubblefield and A J Butler and Dinham