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==Developing Groundwater Resources==
==Developing Groundwater Resources==
Successful and sustainable development of groundwater resources is a key goal for anyone involved with groundwater in Africa. There are many resources available to support policy makers and practitioners to do this. The following pages provide some information and links to further resources for successfully siting and developing sustainable groundwater sources - boreholes, wells and springs - with particular relevance to Africa.
A good overview of this subject is the book
[https://www.developmentbookshelf.com/doi/book/10.3362/9781780441290 '''Developing Groundwater: A guide for rural water supply''' (MacDonald et al. 2005), which is freely available to download online.
An example of a training manual for groundwater development practitioners in Ghana puts many of the recommendations in MacDonald et al (2005) into practice: [http://nora.nerc.ac.uk/id/eprint/15246/ UNICEF IWASH Project, Northern Region, Ghana : an adapted training manual for groundwater development].
:- [[Siting Boreholes | '''Siting Boreholes''']]
:- [[Borehole Drilling | '''Borehole Drilling''']], including Professionalising Drilling
:- [[Manual drilling | '''Manual drilling''']]
:- [[Assessing Groundwater Source Yield | '''Assessing groundwater source yield''']]
:- [[Assessing Water Quality | '''Assessing groundwater quality''']]
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Developing Groundwater Resources[edit]