Edward Greenly D.Sc.

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Edward Greenly


Date Details
1861 Born December 3rd at Bristol.
1889 Joined Survey (8th July).
1895 Resigned 22nd March.
1920 Lyell Medal.
1951 Died 4th March.

Biographies and obituaries

Williams, D. Obituary - Edward Greenly (British Geological Survey - Scotland).

Proceedings of the Geological Society in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society. v. 106 p.lxiii-lxv. 1950 Nature 167 1951 p. 545.

Edward Greenly — Wikipedia article


61 works listed on the BGS Library catalogue

Anglesey Memoir 2 vols. (1919)

Contributed to Fannich Mountain (1913)

BGS archives

Ref No GSM/DR/Ft/A/2
Alt Ref No GSM1/310,311
Title Correspondence on range of issues: letters to Bromehead, C.Davidson, H.Dewey, Fairley, A.Geikie, Goodchild, E.Greenly, J.Horne, F.L.Kitchin, G.W.Lee, M.MacGregor, J.Phemister, J.Rhodes, B.Smith, W.J.Sollas, H.H.Thomas and Teall. Also 76 letters to Flett from 34 correspondents (includes guardbook)
Date 1902 - 1946

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Edward Greenly, Bangor papers