Excursion to Blue Bell Hill and Burham. June 20th 1914 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Excursion to Blue Bell Hill and Burnham. June 20th, 1914.


EXCURSION SECRETARY: Miss EDITH CADMORE, 4, Ulundi Road, Blackheath, S.E.

Meet the Excursion Secretary at Charing Cross Station (under the clock) Oct later than 9.45, to obtain cheap return tickets, 4/3. Leave Charing Cross at 10.2 by train due at Chatham at 11.20. Take lunch. Take motor-bus (12 o'clock). which traverses interesting scenery and geological features to "The Upper Bell" Inn. Fare 4d. Walk along the edge of the escarpment, which here commands one of the finest views of the Medway Valley, the Lower Greensand and Wealden beds to the south. A halt will be made here for lunch. Then descend and examine the exposures (6. ft. in thickness) of (1) the H. Planus and Terebratulina latus zones; (2) R. ruvieri and Adinocamax (3) Holaster subglobosus and Chalk Marl Schloenbachia varians zones and the recently exposed workings in this zone, with the Chloritic Marl at the base; (4) the Upper and Lower Gault.

Return to the village and ascend path opposite the Post Office to inspect the chalk in the banks, which has yielded a rich fauna in the Heteroceras reussianum band of the Holaster planus zone, Descend and visit the now disused quarry known as "Mill Bay." This quarry possesses important features which illustrate the dip of the beds and contains the A. plexus marls, the H. subglobosus and S. varians zones, and should prove productive to those who wish to collect fossils.

Tea at Mr. Bolton's, at the Post Office. Meat tea, 1/3, with eggs, 1/-.

Walk to Snodland Ferry. Take 8.1 p.m. train, arriving Charing Cross 9.43 p.m.

Total walking distance, 5 miles.

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Excursion to Blue Bell Hill and Burham. June 20th 1914 - Geologists' Association excursion