Excursion to Rochester and Blue Bell Hill. Saturday, July 6th, 1907 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Geologists' Association Circular No. 86. Session 1906–1907[edit]

Excursion to Rochester and Blue Bell Hill. Saturday, July 6th, 1907. (Transcription from: GA Circular No. 86. Session 1906–1907. p.2-3)[edit]


EXCURSION SECRETARY : H. KIDNER, 73, Gladstone Road, Watford.

Train leaves Cannon Street 9.18 a.m. Arrives Strood 10.31. Special cheap ticket for Strood and return from Aylesford, 3s. 11d. Meet Excursion Secretary under clock not later than 9.3.

The features of the large quarries close to the station will be pointed out.

Walk from Strood station to the Rochester Museum and inspect the Geological collection and other items of special interest in the grand old Elizabethan house mentioned by Charles Dickens in "Edwin Drood."

Walk to Borstal Manor Chalk Pit (zone of Holaster Planus), passing a fine section of Pleistocene deposits at a spot which affords an excellent example of a river gorge.

Continue by the lower road to Wouldham and inspect Messrs. Tingey's large Chalk pit, situated mostly in the Terebratulina gracilis-zone, the base being in that of Rhynchonella cuvieri.

In the village of Wouldham, where the road turns to the left and ascends the hill to Burham, a large disused pit, "The Free School Pit," reveals a fine section of Chalk with Holaster subglobosus, Actinocamax plenus marls, and R. cuvieri-zones.

Near this point the extensive pits of Messrs. Peters are entered, containing two workings in the H. subglobosus chalk and one in the A. plenus marls and R. cuvieri chalk.

These large workings are of great interest as they have afforded much zonal evidence within the past sixteen years, especially as regards the position of the vertebrates, examples of which, from these pits, can now be seen in the British Museum. Any who travel later from London (see note at end) can join at these workings, which will be left at 3 p.m., when the party will proceed to the well-known Blue Bell Hill pits, which are now being extensively worked in the Chalk Marl.

These pits reveal sections extending from the Chalk Marl to the H. planus-zone, here being about Soo feet exposed. Unfortunately the upper pit, which forms so prominent a feature in the landscape is not now worked. The view from here is one of the finest in Kent, and is on that account alone worthy of a visit. If time permits the noted cromlech, "Kit's Coty," and "The Countless Stones," will be inspected on the way to Aylesford, where a meat tea (1s. 6d.) will be provided at "The George." Total walking distance 6½ miles. Return from Aylesford by 7.51 train, Arrive Cannon Street, 9.28.

For those who can only come later in the day, a train leaves Charing Cross, 12.48 ; Cannon Street, 12.57 ; London Bridge, 1.0 ; due Hailing Station 2.20. At Hailing Station turn to the left, and immediately upon reaching the church turn down to the Ferry (three minutes' walk from station). Upon reaching the other side of the river, follow the path across the marsh to Wouldham, turn sharp to the right, and at end of street again to the left, ascend the hill (Messrs. Peters' Pits are on the right). These pits will be left at 3 p.m. ; any who intend to travel by the later train will do well to inform the Excursion Secretary beforehand.


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List of photographs[edit]

Excursion to Rochester, July 9th 1907[edit]

Page 27 P805269 Borstal Manor pit. Zones of Micraster cor-testudinarium and Holaster planus. Excursion to Rochester, July 9th 1907.
Page 27 P805270 Messrs. Peters pit, Wouldham. Upper part zone of Holaster sub-globosus and Actin. Plenus. Lower part, Lower Chalk. Excursion to Rochester, July 9th 1907.
Page 27 P805271 Messrs. Tingey's Pit, Wouldham. Zones of Terebratulina and Rhynchonella curreri. Excursion to Rochester, July 9th 1907.
Page 27 P805272 Kit's Coty. Excursion to Rochester, July 9th 1907.