Geology of the Aberfoyle district: Sites of scientific interest and outstanding beauty

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This topic provides a summary of the geology of the Aberfoyle district – covered by the British Geological Survey. 1:50k geological map sheet 38E (Scotland).
Authors: C W Thomas, A M Aitken, E A Pickett, J R Mendum, E K Hyslop, M G Petterson, D Ball, E Burt, B Chacksfield, N Golledge and G Tanner (BGS).

The Aberfoyle district itself includes the Trossachs — an area flocked to by tourists since the late 18th and 19th centuries, when it was first popularised by poets and writers including Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott. Thus, the chief resource of the highlands in this area is the scenery itself. The district is now part of the Loch Lomond National Park, Scotland’s first National Park. Ground at the west end of Loch Venachar is occupied by the Blackwater Marshes. This extensive area of wetland is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. In Glenfinglas, the charity Woodland Trust are actively replanting large areas formerly given over to sheep and beef farming with native Scottish woodland species, with the aim of regenerating the ancient woodland that once existed widely in this region.

Geology of the Aberfoyle district - contents[edit]