Geology of the Andover area: Information resources

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This page is part of a category of pages providing a summary of the geology of the Andover district (British Geological Survey Sheet 283), which extends over approximately 600 km2 of north-west Hampshire and a small part of eastern Wiltshire. Links to other pages in this category can be found at the foot of the page.
Authors: J Thompson, K A Lee, P M Hopson, A R Farrant, A J Newell, R J Marks, L B Bateson, M A Woods, I P Wilkinson and N J Smith.

Sources of further geological information held by the British Geological Survey relevant to the Andover district and adjacent areas are listed here.

Information on BGS publications is given in the current BGS Catalogue of Geological Maps and Books, available on request and at the BGS website ([1]). BGS maps, memoirs, books, and reports relevant to the district may be consulted at BGS and some other libraries. They may be purchased from the BGS Sales Desk, or via the bookshop on the BGS website. This website also provides details of BGS activities and services, and information on a wide range of environmental, resource and hazard issues.

Searches of indexes to some of the materials and documentary records collections can be made on the BGS website.

Geological enquiries, including requests for geological reports on specific sites, should be addressed to the BGS Enquiry Service at Keyworth. The addresses of the BGS offices are given on the BGS website (


Geological maps

1:1 500 000

Tectonic map of Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas (1996)

1:1 000 000

Industrial mineral resources map of Britain (1996)

Pre-Permian geology of the United Kingdom (South) (1985)

1:625 000

Bedrock geology of the United Kingdom: South Map (2007)

Quaternary geology: South district (1977)

1:250 000

Chilterns. Sheet 51N-02W. Solid geology. 1:250 000 series (1991)

1: 10 000

For the most recent revision of the 1:50 000 Series Sheet 283 Andover, the component 1:10 000 series geological maps are available for purchase from the BGS Sales Desk.

1:10 560 field slips: The original 1:10 560 field slips from the 1898 primary survey are archived in the BGS collections.

Details of the original geological surveys are listed on editions of the 1:50 000 or 1:63 360 geological districts. Relevant parts of the component 1:10 000 scale maps for the Andover district were surveyed between 1997 and 2006.

Copies of maps from these and earlier large-scale surveys are available for reference in the BGS Libraries at Keyworth and Edinburgh, and at the BGS London Information Office in the Natural History Museum, South Kensington. Copies for purchase are produced on a print-on-demand basis and are available from the BGS Sales Desk.

Digital geological map data

In addition to the printed publications, many BGS geological maps are available in digital form. Details are given on the BGS website. National coverage of digital geological map data (DiGMapGB) is derived from geological maps at scales of 1:625 000, 1:250 000 and 1:50 000. Selected areas also have digital geological data derived from 1:10 000 scale geological maps. Digital geological data for offshore areas is derived from 1:250 000 scale geological maps.

Geophysical maps

Geophysical colour-shaded relief maps of gravity and magnetic anomalies for Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas are available at a scale of 1:1 500 000.

1:625 000

Gravity anomaly map of the UK: South district (2007)

Magnetic anomaly map of the UK: South district (2007)

Hydrogeological maps

1:625 000

England and Wales (1977)

1:100 000

North-west Hampshire. 1990.

East Somerset and south-west Wiltshire 1990 (out of print)


British Regional Geology guides

The Hampshire Basin and adjoining areas (Fourth Edition) Melville, R V and Freshney, E C, 1982

London and the Thames Valley (Fourth Edition) Sumbler, M G, 1996

Memoirs and Sheet Explanations

283 Andover (1908)*

  • this memoir is out of print but facsimile copies may be purchased from the BGS Sales Desk.


Technical reports relevant to the district, including biostratigraphical reports, may be consulted at the BGS library or purchased from the BGS Sales Desk.


WA/98/062 Bristow and Woods, 1998; WA/00/011 Aldiss, 2000; WA/00/023 Hopson, 2000; WA/00/018 Booth, 2000; WA/01/008 Booth, 2001; IR/01/157 Farrant et al., 2001a; IR/01/139 Farrant et al., 2001b;


WH/99/138R Woods, 1999a; WH/99/142R Woods, 1999b; WH/00/037R Wilkinson, 2000a; WH/00/005R Woods, 2000a; IR/00/024 Woods, 2000b; IR/01/087 Wilkinson, 2001; IR/03/024 Wilkinson, 2003; IR/06/132R Woods, 2006;

Documentary records collections

Detailed geological survey information, including large scale geological field maps, is archived at the BGS. Enquiries concerning unpublished geological data for the district should be addressed to the Manager, National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC), BGS Keyworth.

Borehole and trial pit records

Borehole records for the district are catalogued in the NGDC at BGS Keyworth. Index information, which includes site references, names and depths for these boreholes, is available through the BGS website. Copies of records in the public domain can be ordered through the same website, or can be consulted at BGS Keyworth.

Hydrogeological data

Records of water wells, springs, and aquifer properties held at BGS Wallingford can be consulted through the BGS Hydrogeology Enquiry Service.

Geophysical data

These data are held digitally in the National Gravity Databank and the National Aeromagnetic Databank at BGS Keyworth. Seismic reflection data from coal and hydrocarbon exploration programmes is available for the north of the district. Indexes can be consulted on the BGS website.

BGS Lexicon of named rock units

Definitions of the stratigraphical units shown on BGS maps, including those named on Sheet 311 (Wellington), are held in the BGS Stratigraphical Lexicon database, which can be consulted on the BGS website. Further information on this database can be obtained from the Lexicon Manager at BGS Keyworth.

BGS photographs

The photographs used in this Sheet Explanation are part of the National Archive of Geological Photographs, held at BGS in Keyworth and Edinburgh. Part of the collection can be viewed at BGS libraries at Keyworth and Edinburgh, and on the BGS website. Copies of the photographs can be purchased from BGS.

Aerial photographs NRSC (National Remote Sensing Centre) nominal scales 1:25 000 (1993)

Materials collections

Information on the collections of rock samples, thin sections, borehole samples (including core) and fossil material can be obtained from the Chief Curator, BGS Keyworth. Indexes can be consulted on the BGS website.

BGS addresses

The addresses of the main offices are given on the BGS website (

BGS Hydrogeology Enquiry Service

British Geological Survey, Maclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BB. Telephone 01491 838800; fax 01491 692345.

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