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Date Details
Educated at the Philological School conducted by Dr. Abbott. Turner Scholarship. Matriculated at 15. Elected Associate of King’s College.
1871 Became Private Secretary to Poulett Scrope. Recommended by him to Ramsay, then Director of Survey.
1876 Poulett Scrope died, and Barrow invited to fill vacancy on Survey staff.
1896 Geologist. First worked in E. Yorkshire; made important contributions to literature of Mesozoic rocks.
Through association with Allan Dick became interested in igneous and metamorphic rocks.
Worked at igneous and structural problems in the Eastern Highlands; the first to recognise and map zones of progressive metamorphism. Paper: “On an Intrusion of Muscovite - Biotite - Gneiss...” and others.
1900 Returned to England. Worked in the Cheadle and North Staffordshire Coalfield and later in the granitic and mining areas of Devon and Cornwall.
1909 District Geologist for London. Particularly interested in water-supply and in the construction and maintenance of tube railways.
1912 Bolitho Medal from Geological Society of Cornwall.
1913 Murchison Medal.
1915 Retired from Survey.
1932 Died July 23rd.

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