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 This page is still being developed. Please check back soon for more information.

Groundwater Data

A series of pages providing more information on groundwater data with a particular focus on Africa.

IGRAC Global Groundwater Information System

IGRAC hosts the Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS) - an interactive, web-based portal to groundwater-related information. This includes some groundwater level monitoring data collated from a number of countries, including some in Africa, in the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN).

Long term groundwater datasets

The Chronicles Consortium project is collating multi-decadal records of groundwater levels from around Africa.

UNHCR Refugee Site Borehole Data

The UNHCR have an online WASH GIS portal, which includes groundwater data from water boreholes at UNHCR refugee sites, including borehole locations, depths, casing diameters, rest (static) water levels and estimated safe yields.

EAWAG Groundwater Quality information

EAWAG (the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) developed the Groundwater Assessment Platform, with information on geogenic (naturally occurring in groundwater) contaminants. This database includes some measured data on groundwater arsenic and fluoride concentrations, including in Africa.

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