Harold Wadsworth Haywood - Leeds Cave Club photograph albums

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The Harold Wadsworth Haywood collection of early caving photographs Leeds Cave Club 1928-1934, photograph albums by Gill Nixon, David J. Lowe, Robert P. McIntosh

H.W. Haywood

A collection of photographs depicting cave exploration and related activities in the Yorkshire Dales area by the Leeds Cave Club in the early 1930s and taken by Harold Wadsworth Haywood FRPS was donated to the Geological Survey of Great Britain Library by Miss Haywood in 1935. The collection consists of two large albums containing a total of 460 separate photographs. There are also twenty-six pages of typescript notes, a bibliography and nine pages of hand-drawn maps and sections illustrating the Alum Pot area and its caves, all produced by Eli Simpson.

The dates of the photographs range from 1928-1934. The images cover the Yorkshire Dales and adjacent areas of Lancashire and Westmorland in the west. They include surface photographs of the caves and karst features, many spectacular underground shots of the caves and their formations, and pictures of members of the Leeds Cave Club, exploring the caves and carrying out a variety of other activities on the surface.

The collection consists of two large albums containing a total of 460 separate photographs.


Nixon, Gill. 2007 Cave and karst images: the rediscovery of an important historical record. Cave and Karst Science : Transactions of the British Cave Research Association, 33 (2). 87-88. Download PDF

Nixon, Gillian; Lowe, David; McIntosh, Robert. 2008 The Harold Wadsworth Haywood collection of early caving photographs. [Poster] In: 19th Cave Science Symposium, Loughborough University, 8th March 2008. Download PDF


Album 1 - contents

Album 1 Front Cover
Lost John's Cave on Leck Fell. Leeds Cave Club Meet Easter 1932.
Manchester Hole ( Nidderdale).1932.
Dowka Bottom Cave, 1931.
Sleets Gill Cave, Littondale, 1931.
Goyden Pot, 1931.
Goyden Pot, August 1930.
Great and Little Douk Caves. September 1930.
The Alum Pot area
Alum Pot
From Selside to Alum Pot 1931
Alum Pot (surface) 1931.
Alum Pot, 1931.
Diccan Pot, 1931.
Long Churn, 1931.
Weathercote Cave 1930
Weathercote Cave 1930-31.
Weathercote Cave, Easter 1931
Leeds Cave Club Easter Camp at Chapel-le-Dale, 1931.
Jingle Pot, Easter 1931.
Gatekirk Cave (Chapel-le-Dale), Easter 1931.
Blayshaw Gill Pot No.1, Nidderdale, 1931.
Thorns Gill Cave, Ribblesdale, Easter 1931.
High Birkwith Cave, Ribblesdale, 1931.
Victoria Cave, Ribblesdale, 1930.
Bruntscar Cave, Chape-le-Dale, October 1930.
Storr's Cave, Ingleton, 1930.
Troller's Cave (Hell Hole) near Skyreholme in Wharfedale, 1928
Troller's Cave (in flood), 1928
Troller's Cave in winter, 1928
Texts plans and sections by Eli Simpson. The Alum Pot area. The Alum Pot. Long Churn Cave. Diccan Pot. Borrins Moor Cave. Alum Pot area Bibliography.

Album 2 - contents

Album 2 Front Cover
Calf Holes, Ribblesdale.
Dry Lathe Caves (Ribblesdale) 1932.
On the way to Sulber and Nick Pots. September 3rd 1933.
Sulber Pot, (Simon Fell).
Nick Pot, Simon Fell. September 3rd 1933.
Eyeholes. August 1933.
Barbondale, Whitsun 1933, Leeds Cave Club at Bull Pot [of the Witches].
Hidden Pot. August 1933. (Linked up with Bull Pot [of the Witches]).
Cow Pot. August 1933
Ease Gill 1933.
Bull Pot of the Witches 1933.
View looking up Kingsdale.
Braida Garth Farm and Gregareth.
Gregareth from the camp. Rowten Pot is opposite.
The Kingsdale road (Dent-Ingleton).
View across Kingsdale from Rowten Pot. Easter 1934.
Rowten Pot, Gregareth. Easter 1934.
Jingling Pot, Gregareth, Easter 1934.
Yordas Cave, Kingsdale
Gingling Hole, Fountains Fell.
In camp at High Birkwith. Whitsun 1932.
Brow Gill Cave, entrance 1932.
[Hunt Pot.]