Henry Dewey

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Date Details
1876 Born
1903 Clerk
1906 Geologist
1914 Bolitho Medal
1920 District Geologist
1924-1926 President of the Geologists' Association
1932 Lyell Medal
1935 Assistant to the Director

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123 works in the BGS Library catalogue

BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/Ft/A/2 Correspondence on range of issues: letters to Bromehead, C.Davidson, H.Dewey, Fairley, A.Geikie...
GSM/DR/Sb/8/3 Publications "The Pleistocene History of the West Midlands" by Prof L J Wills
"Note on the water supply of...
GSM/GL/De H.Dewey Dewey joined the Survey in 1903. He became District Geologist in 1920 and was promoted to...
GSM/GL/De/1 Two maps by H.Dewey: water contour map London; underground contours of the top of Chalk (G.Barrow...
GSM/GL/We/7 Letters to Howe and Dewey, letter from Reynolds
GSM/MG/C/9 Series of papers and files on specimen presentations and donations: Includes details on specific... Includes: Correspondence and minutes re presentation to Museum of flint implements from...