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| Title || H.G.Dines

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Date Details
1920 Geologist
1930 Senior Geologist
1933 Bolitho Medal

Biographies and obituaries

Hollingworth, S.E. Obituary - Henry George Dines. Geological Survey of England and Wales. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London Pt. 1618 1964.


141 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

One of his significant publications was:

Dines, H.G. The metalliferous mining region of south-west England. Economic memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain. London HMSO, 1956. Two volumes. Also issued as a Third impression with an extensive adenda and corrigenda in 1988.

Reissued in 2017: Volume 1; Volume 2

BGS archives

Ref No GSM/GL/Ds
Title H.G.Dines
Description Dines was appointed as Geologist to the Survey in 1920. He worked in both the Kent coalfield and later, mainly in the South West of England.
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