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Date Details
1860 Born May 30th, son of H. Cadell of Grange, Linlithgow. Educated at Edinburgh University and Germany (studied mining geology at Clausthal Royal Mining Academy).
1883 Joined Geological Survey.
1884 Went to the Highlands.
1888 Retired from Survey on succeeding to family estate.
1889 Married.
1890 Entered County Council of Linlithgow. (Retired as Convener in 1929.)
1924 Took active part in Volunteer movement, serving for 24 years. Retired 1906 with rank of Lieut. Colonel and Hon. Colonel V.D., commanding 4th Division, Royal Engineer Volunteers.
1932 Hon. Degree of LL.D. from University of Edinburgh.
1934 Died May 10th.
Cadell Mountains in Spitzbergen named in his honour.

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