Herbert Henry Thomas

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Date Details
1876 Born
1901 Geologist
1911 Petrographer (District Geologist)
1925 Murchison Medal
1927 Fellow Royal Society (Nature, 20th July 1935, p 95)
1935 Died

Biographies and obituaries

Spencer, L.J. Obituary - Herbert Henry Thomas. Born 13th March 1876, died 12th May 1935. Mineralogical Magazine v. 24 (153) 1936.

Smith, B. Obituary - Herbert Henry Thomas, Petrographer. Proceedings of the Geological Society in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society v. 92 1936.

Black, M. Obituary - Hugh Hamshaw Thomas. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London Pt. 1611 1963.

Herbert Henry Thomas 1876-1935. Obituary Notices, Royal Society, No 4. 1935 p. 591.


BGS archives

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/By/S/1 Correspondence to range of geologists on various issues inc fossils from Mull. Letters from and to E.B.Bailey inc: Flett, Kitchin, Gibson, B.N.Peach, T.Robertson, H.H.Thomas...
GSM/DR/Ft/A/2 Correspondence on range of issues: letters to Bromehead, C.Davidson, H.Dewey, Fairley, A.Geikie...
GSM/DR/Ml/A/1 Correspondence including letters to Flett, Kitchin, Phemister, and H.H.Thomas. Also large... 3 files numbered i, ii and iii
GSM/DR/Sb/4/2 Correspondence relating to "Handbook of the Geology of Great Britain" edited by JW Evans and C J... Includes correspondence from the publisher, Thomas Murby and from many of the contributors.
GSM/DR/St/A/37 James Swift & Son: Report by Dr Thomas on calcite prism
GSM/GL/An/1 Correspondence with Flett, Peach, Phemister, H.H. Thomas and others.
GSM/GL/Cl/9 Correspondence from Clough to other geologists: letters to Flett, Kitchin, E.T.Newton, B.N.Peach, Teall, H.H.Thomas, W.Topley and H.B.Woodward
Correspondence with other geologists; letters to H.A.Allen, C.H.Dinham, Flett, Kitchin, J.Pringle, Rudler, Strahan and H.H.Thomas.
GSM/GL/Ct/4 Correspondence: letters to H.Allen, E.B.Bailey, Hester, Kitchin, Stubblefield, H.H.Thomas and others
GSM/GL/Di/4 Correspondence with other geologists: letters to E.C.Bullard, W.Dewar, C.H.Dinham, T.Eastwood, F.l.Kitchin, G.H.Mitchell, J.Pringle, A.Strahan and H.H.Thomas; also some letters to Dixon.
GSM/GL/Jn/1 Correspondence: letters to E.E.L.Dixon, T.N.George, F.L.Kitchin, W.F.P.McLintock, W.J.Pugh, A.Strahan and H.H.Thomas
GSM/GL/Ta/3 Correspondence; letters to Flett, Howe, Kitchin, McLintock and H.H.Thomas
GSM/GL/Th H.H.Thomas Herbert Henry Thomas joined the Survey in 1901 and followed Flett as Petrographer in 1911.
GSM/GL/Wr/44 Letter From H H Thomas to W B Wright