Hydrogeology of Wales: Acknowledgements

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This page is part of a category of pages that provides an updated review of the occurrence of groundwater throughout Wales.
Author(s): N S Robins and J Davies, British Geological Survey
Contributor(s): D A Jones, Natural Resources Wales and G Farr, British Geological Survey

Groundwater investigation in Wales has tended to be piecemeal with project reports and technical papers issued from time to time. The only holistic review of groundwater in Wales was written by Bassett (1969) although various regional compilations, such as the two available hydrogeological maps (BGS, 1986; 1989), have updated Bassett’s work. More recently the regulator, Environment Agency Wales, has published catchment-scale reports and has commissioned a range of in depth studies, while others have worked at project-level providing insight into aspects of a variety of groundwater occurrence problems peculiar to Wales.

This report attempts to provide an updated review of the occurrence of groundwater throughout Wales. It is part of a series of regional- and aquifer-scale reports issued by the British Geological Survey, the Groundwater Programme Research Report series. An introductory chapter is followed by chapters on each lithostratigraphical system. These describe the outline geology and hydrogeology and highlight the availability of groundwater, its quality and any issues pertaining to the hydrogeology of the units within each system. In addition a concluding chapter describes the past and present regulatory framework in Wales and the modern-day management tools used by Environment Agency Wales with illustrations of some of the problems that need to be addressed.

The report draws on data available in the public domain, both published and unpublished. The reference list provides a valuable record of all these sources. In addition datasets held by both the British Geological Survey and Environment Agency Wales have been consulted along with data held by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, the University of Cardiff and Countryside Council for Wales.

Although the report was compiled by Nick Robins and Jeff Davies, an important contribution was also prepared by David Jones and Gareth Farr, at Environment Agency Wales, Cardiff who drafted the bulk of Chapter 8 on management and regulation. The principal authors are grateful also to Gareth Farr, David Jones and others at Environment Agency Wales for valuable peer review comments on the manuscript. David Schofield and Colin Waters provided geological advice including validation of stratigraphical terminology.

Others who have provided data or helped in the preparation of this report include: the late David Headworth at Environment Agency Wales; Ian Brown at Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water; Glyn Hyett of Celtic Water Management Ltd. Cardigan; Emma Paris, Tim Jones and Charlie Harris at Cardiff University; Ron Fuge, University of Wales, Aberystwyth; Paul Younger, University of Strathclyde, formerly University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Ab Grootjans at University of Groningen, Netherlands; John Ratcliffe and colleagues at the Countryside Council for Wales; Charlie Stratford and Laurence Jones at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; and the many ordinary folk of Wales who have had to deal with our enquiries.