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== Images ==
== Images ==

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Date Details
1811 Born October 10th at Summerhill, near Birmingham. Educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School and King Edward’s School, Birmingham, and St. Johns College, Cambridge. Studied under Sedgwick. Took B.A. 1836.
1836 Lectured ongeology in various towns in the Midlands and North of England. Undertook geological survey of Charnwood Forest.
1839 Appointed Geological Surveyor of Colony of Newfoundland.
Results of work there recorded in memoir, with map.
1841 Returned to England.
Appointed by Admiralty to post of Naturalist on H.M. ship “Fly” for survey of coast of Australia and New Guinea. Studied coral reefs.
1846 Joined Geological Survey and worked in North Wales with Ramsay, Aveline and Salter.
Undertook survey of South Staffordshire Coalfield Memoir (1859).
1850 Appointed by Murchison to post of Director of Geological Survey of Ireland (vacated by Oldham).
Completed survey of half of Ireland and 42 memoirs.
1854 Appointed to Lectureship of Geology in Royal College of Science, Dublin.
1861 “Student’s Manual of Geology”.
Appointed on Royal Coal Commission.
1869 Died August 1st.

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List of writings: See Appendix ""Letters of J.B. Jukes.

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