Langness Conglomerate Formation

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Langness Conglomerate Formation (LNCO), Carboniferous, Isle of Man[edit]

Langness Conglomerate Formation is part of the Ravenstonedale Group


The name is derived from Langness, south Isle of Man, and was given by Dickson et al. (1987)[1].


The formation comprises reddish brown, generally poorly sorted, typically clast-supported conglomerate with subordinate interbedded sandstone. Sedimentary structures include crude stratification and rare cross-bedding. See Chadwick et al. (2001)[2].

Genetic interpretation[edit]

The formation is an alluvial fan deposit, transported by debris flow and streamflow processes.


A partial type section includes foreshore exposures along the Langness Peninsula (SC 2819 6604 to 2854 6661) where an estimated 30 m of coarse clastic sedimentary rocks are present (see Dickson et al., 1987, p. 205[1]).

Lower and upper boundaries[edit]

The formation is unconformable on the underlying, steeper-dipping, Ordovician Lonan Formation (see Chadwick et al., 2001[2]).

The limestones of the Turkeyland Member, Derbyhaven Formation, Great Scar Limestone Group (Figure.8, Column.8) overlie the apparently partly reworked sandstone top to the Langness Conglomerate Formation.


The formation is about 30 m thick.

Distribution and regional correlation[edit]

The formation occurs in the south Isle of Man.


Devonian to Courceyan (Chadwick et al., 2001, p. 59[2])


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