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Try to make bullet points as short as possible. If the bullet points are full sentences they probably should be part of a numbered list.

BULLET POINTS — SENTENCE FRAGMENTS Sentence fragments i.e. not full sentences: no initial caps and no punctuation at ends of items.


  • a bulleted list should follow on from a colon (see above)
  • each bullet points starts with lowercase letter
  • we don’t put any punctuation at the end of each bulleted point
  • a bulleted list should contain a minimum of three bullets

BULLET POINTS — FULL SENTENCES If full sentences: initial caps and full points at ends of items:

  • Potentially, it presents a ‘once and for all’ solution that, because of its simplicity, should become readily accepted and applied by the user community in the medium to long term.
  • The formations defined in this scheme are closest in concept to the definitions of the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature (1983, 2005).
  • It is the most favourable option for construction of ‘seamless’ digital maps and 3D subsurface models to formation level.

Avoid lengthy lists. Short bullet points, sentence fragments, are more desirable when writing for the web.