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The Chronicles Consortium

The Chronicles is an international consortium of scientists from across Africa and beyond, who are collating and analysing multi-decadal records of groundwater levels. These datasets represent long-term aquifer dynamics, and are vital in order to assess the impacts of groundwater use, climate variability and change, and land use change on groundwater storage across Africa.

This project, Collation and Analysis of Multi-decadal Groundwater-levels Observations in Africa, is a joint initiative of the African Groundwater Network (AGW-Net), IAH Commission on Groundwater and Climate Change, and the UNESCO-IHP GRAPHIC programme, andis supported by the UPGro (Unlocking the Potential of Groundwater for the Poor) programme of the UK government (DFID, NERC, ESRC) and the LMI-PICASSEAU programme of the French government (IRD).

The consortium was established at the 41st Congress of the IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) in Marrakech, Morocco on 14 September 2014 and is led by Tamiru Abiye (Wits University, South Africa), Guillaume Favreau (IRD, France), and Richard Taylor (University College London, UK).

A central ambition of the consortium is to work with national experts in uncovering and assembling multi-decadal records of groundwater levels from around Africa. If you are aware of such data, please contact the consortium on chronicles@un-igrac.org

More information can be found at the Chronicles Consortium site.

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