Millstone Point Sandstone Member

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Millstone Point Sandstone Member (MPS), Isle of Arran, Carboniferous, Midland Valley of Scotland

The Millstone Point Sandstone Member is part of the Clyde Sandstone Formation.


From Millstone Point, north-east Arran. See Paterson and Hall (1986).


Mainly white, cross-bedded sandstone with thin beds of red-brown or grey mudstone (BGS, 1987a).


The type section is the Laggan shoreline on the north-east coast of the Isle of Arran (NR 9995 4875 to 9887 5013).

Lower and upper boundaries

The member conformably overlies the Laggantuin Cornstone Member (Figure 6, Column 1), which comprises sandstone and red-brown silty mudstone in fining-upward cycles with nodules and beds of concretionary limestone. The base is seen at (NR 9995 4875).

The stratigraphical top of the Millstone Point Sandstone Member is not seen. It is either faulted or unconformably overlain by grey mudstones with plant remains of the Laggan Cottage Mudstone Formation of the Strathclyde Group.


About 150–200.m. BGS (1987a) gave a generalised thickness of 200 m.

Distribution and regional correlation

Laggan shoreline on the north-east coast of the Isle of Arran.